Roon core server recommendation

Im considering a server to run the Roon core instead of my i3 labtop.
Roon Necleus, Wyred 4 Sound MS and Innous Zenith MK III are the ones im looking at.
Anyone in here who own any of these and can inform me on pros and cons?
And have anyone compared these?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Zenith MK III - underpowered with a Pentium N4200 chip, but with an interesting OS.

Wyred4Sound MS - base server is just an overpriced i3. For an extra $1000 you can upgrade to an overpriced i7.

How about an i5 Intel NUC running WIN10 and a USB DVD drive for ripping using dbPoweramp. Total price with 8GB RAM and a 256GB M.3 drive would be about $600.

I have a Zen mini MKII (Roon Core) with 70 000 tracks + convolution. No problem at all. The Roon core with ram playback (experimental with the latest firmware 1.4.1) sounds wonderful. Go for the Innuos, you won’t regret it!

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I have the ZENith MK3 and I am very happy with it as Roon Core. No issues at all with Roon

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Do you use any of the DSP settings in Roon?

Yes, but not always. Typically simple conversion to DSD or higher PCM (i.e. 192 / 24). No issues whatsoever

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If you use a lot of DSP functionality or upsample to DSD512 take a look at our 6 core i7 server the sonicTransporter i7. It’s the fastest Roon server out there.

upsampling to high bitrate DSD with some filters enabled uses 20% of the CPU power of the 6 core i7. No way a low power CPU could handle it without dropouts.


I’ve written about the various core solutions here:

I just need something that is plug and play, and both Nucleus and Innuos seems to fit that description. Im just affraid going forward that the Innuos is a little underpowered, for what the roon team has in store for is, in future firmware upgrades…


I use a Roon Nucleus, hasn’t been switched off for months and has worked flawlessly. Whisper quiet of course and only lukewarm to the touch. Everything upsampled to DSD256 and Convolution on and unit never misses a beat.


If you’re comfortable with it, I’d buy a NUC i5 (plenty of power for all but the largest libraries), some memory, an SSD drive, and install ROCK. You’ll get great results.

To be a bit more fancy, get an Akasa fanless case (about $175) and a linear power supply from Small Green Computer (about $285). Then you’ll have a silent device being fed clean power.

I think i will go for the Nucleus, im only using Roon, so i think this for me will be the most reliable solution :blush:
Thanks for feedback everyone :+1:

I have this one, i7 version.

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Has anybody tried Antipodes equipment! Admittedly a very high end solution but I’ve heard good things about them.

I just purchased the same as i5. Highly recommend it!

I’m using a NUC7i5BNH with 8GB Ram and a 256GB m 2 evo 970 running windows 10 x64… I don’t use DSP at this time, have about 7k tracks on a QNAP NAS (hard wired) and the NUC is wireless. Runs very well, no issues, quiet and on all the time. Overall spent $430 on the NUC (including RAM and SSD) which were all new off of eBay…

I absolutely agree with Mark_Hyland’'s comment: me too, I am using a Nucleus, connected via Ethernet to my Devialet, and it is a great little thing. Clean as a whistle, 100% reliable, on all the time, and good sound quality. I am waiting for an HDPLEX 200 W LPS. Should arrive in a few days.