Roon Core/Server: Synology DS720+ or DS723+?

I am presently running Roon Core on a fanless NUC with Rock installed which is great.
Prior to the NUC Roon Server as running on my Synology DS218+ but performance was not acceptable.

My music library consists of about 90k tracks, most of them lossless files (FLAC) but hardly any HiRes files „better“ than 96/24.
I am using Roons downsampling options in one room when streaming to my vintage stereo system with a DAC capable of max 48/16.
I intend to use room correction feastures in the future.

After having read in another thread that Roon Server running on a DS720+ is working very well I am to give Roon Server on a Synology another try:
I am planning to upgrade to a DS72x+ model in any case and just wondering which version might be better for running Roon Server:

The DS723+

  • has a significantly faster CPU (no Intel anymore) but no GPU on board anymore
  • allows RAM of upto 32GB
  • will be served longer by Synology as the 720+ which was introduced in summer 2020

The price differential here in Germany is less than 100 Euro so not too significant.

So I am wondering which NAS would give the better performance as a Roon Core?


I would personally not run a core on any NAS. If it’s not an intel cpu, it’s not going to work though.

Hi Jens,

my 720+ (replacement for my trusted 716+ that had it’s first HDD failure after running 7 years!) runs reliably since several weeks now - downgraded it to OS 6 because I can use the ALSA interface no longer available in 7.n - my ADI-2 DAC is connected to the 720+ using USB. My library is roughly the same, from FLAC to DSD:

Roon core runs on the internal SSD (I don’t use them as cache). I added 16 GB of memory. I’m running Roon now (Mahler 2 at 192/24) and I seldom have CPU more than 10% and RAM more than 25%.

I don’t know whether the GPU does anything good providing the music but I read that the 723+ has a configurable LAN network interface. So this may be a reason to get the new model.

HTH, Franz-Josef

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DS420+ 10GB Ram, only SSD + Cache.

60,000 tracks, Flac only, 24-bit and DSD.

Sample rates Conversion in the multi room to the nearest sample rate.

Only tried House Curve temporarily for room correction > without problems and special effort.

Previous isolated Roon Cores didn’t do a better job either (Core i3 to Core i7).

It must be an Intel processor.

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It could be AMD, too :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you for your quick and helpful comments.

I think I will go for a new DS720+ (with 3 year full warranty) as I am not sure if a 723+ will be any improvement at all besides I don’t even know if the AMD Ryzen R1600 will work at all.

In a worst case scenario I will not be happy with the performance of the 720+ as a Roon Core but still have a nice NAS upgrade and just keep my fanless NUC as a Roon Core .

My RS1221+ has an AMD Ryzen V1500B and works just fine.

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Deleted for good

R1600 in 1522+ works fine as well (although for DSD256 top PCM/DSP back to DSD256 it runs out of the default 8GB of RAM quickly; when a new memory stick arrives will test if the CPU itself is fast enough with more memory).

In PCM-only world, it has no problem supporting more than 1 endpoint, and applies conversion/convolution at ~25x speed, so I think Ryzen 1600 should be good enough.

@Boris_Molodyi How is the extra RAM stick working out? Any new problems with the 1522+? Looking into 923+ as new core.

No problems so far.

Looking at memory usage, trying to do DSD256 → PCM/DSP → DSD256 still runs out of memory (although somewhat later) but then if you’ve converted it to PCM, moving back to DSD makes little sense anyway. Everything else, including playing highest resolution DXD tracks I have with DSP to multiple endpoints is not a problem.

I am up to ~37K tracks now, and with M2 cache in Synology performance of the UI itself is perfectly fine despiute all data (including Roon’s DB) being on spinning disks.

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