Roon Core slowing to a halt after continuous play to Meridian MS600

I’ve been successfully running my Roon Core on an Intel NUC (Core i7, 16gigs or RAM, SSD) using both TIDAL & about local Music on a Synology NAS.

It’s my daily driver supplying music to:
• dCS Network Bridge
• Meridian MS600 x2
• A few Sonos zones

The backbone of my network is commercial Ubiquiti networks gear, commercial Wireless Aps and a 150meg symmetric broadband connection over Fiber.

Generally it has been a champ, but recently I find the it seems to be slowing down. Specifically when you try to search my catalog its really slow. For example search for Pearl Jam, it will find the artist, click on it, and then it might sit there for 10-12 seconds before showing the albums.

Other times (with all of my zones), when you select content and hit play, the track name show up as the track being played, but then you get the progress bar zooming from the left to the right for 5-10 seconds before playback begins.

Today I left it playing all day on my MS600 to burn in a cable. When I came home it was stuck trying to start a track. I tried both the Meridian and NBR and both had the same weird behavior.

Restarting JUST the Roon Server on the Roon Rock always seems to fix it, and now its running like a champ again.

@support - Could someone take a look at my logs?

My Rock, and all clients have the latest version of the SW.

NOTE: I reboot my Rock around 6pm PST tonight to get my listening back up and running. Hopefully the logs haven’t cycled.

Hi @Mohammed_Samji,

Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the troubles here. I was hoping we could get a little more information about your current setup so we can better understand what you’re experiencing here.

  • Can you describe your network topology for us? How are the Core and NAS connected to the network? Are they connected directly to the main router or is there other networking hardware involved?
  • Can you confirm how many tracks are in your library?

Is this the same for all artists, or does it seem to be longer for artists with many albums?

Can you give a general timeframe for when this stoppage may have occurred? Do you know what track it was stopped on? With that information we can enable diagnostics on your account and have our technical team analyze the diagnostics report so we can gain some insight into what may have occurred here.



On my Network Topology

  • The Synology NAS & Roon Core both connect over gigabit to the same Ubiquiti switch. That Ubiquiti Switch has a CAT6 run to antoehr Ubiquiti Switch in the wiring closet and then out to the firewall and fiber WAN.
  • All streamers are hardwired as well to one of my ubquiti switches.
  • Nothing is wireless outside of laptops / phones / tablets that work as remotes

On Albums

  • Once the Roon Rock is a funk, you can reproduce the problem with any track or album

On Timing

  • After I reset my Roon Server around 6pm everything has been smooth
  • But I can usually make the problem reproduce after 24-48 hours of radio playback.
  • The MS600 should be playing radio all day using my library, so I’ll check tonight on if its stuck.
  • If its wedged again, I’ll NOT restart and will respond here.

Now the only thing different recently is this:

  • I normally queue up my own music from TIDAL or my library or use my playlists
  • That seems to have worked fine
  • What’s different this past week is that I am playing continuous hours of Radio playback to my MS600 to burn in a cable, and I wonder if the continuous radio playback is un-covering a bug.

Thanks for the update, @Mohammed_Samji.

The next time it happens please make a note of the time (as well as the track is stopped on) and I’ll make sure to enable diagnostics on your account so the technical team can take a closer look.