Roon core stalling whilst playing 24 bit tracks[Solved]

I had an issue in 1.1 and still have it in 1.2, i.e. that my Roon core will intermittently “stall” whilst playing back 24 bit tracks.

Host system is a Win10 8GB Intel 2500 quad core based PC.
End point is an ID40 in a Meridian 861v4
Controller is laptop or iPad
Local LAN includes homeplugs

My “guess” is that the core issue is my home network, which includes a combination of Virgin media supplied “Superhub” (interesting misnomer if there was ever one) and homeplugs.
I can’t remember ever having stalling issues with 16 bit files.

However, on an intermittent basis, my Core will stall whilst playing back 24 bit files. My assumption is that my network is resulting in buffer under-runs, which the core doesn’t seem to like and locks up.
Pressing backwards/forwards and others on either the remote of the core has no effect.

The easy workaround is to re-boot the core on my PC, which always resolves the immediate issue.
I’ve already logged a request this morning to include a request for remote reboot of the core, to reduce downtime for resolution of a manual fix.

I suspect this is the ID40 crashing. @brian?

@vova, we should get logs and look to see if there are prebuffer underruns or if the meridian gear is reporting dropouts…or both. that will tell us where to go next.

We know that the ID40 crashes when the stream isn’t delivered fast enough, for whatever reason–that is an ID40 bug, but most people don’t run into it because usually the stream is delivered fast enough.

Hey @Mr_Sukebe, would you mind to share Roon logs with us. I’ll contact you via PM with more details.


My thanks for the response guys.
Post my OP, I also did some digging and was recommended to sanity check and update the firmware on my ID40 card. Did that late yesterday.
Fingers crossed, but I’ve spent 2-3 hours since, listening to a variety of 24 bit tracks and so far, NO lockups.

That might have solved it. Let me keep testing this week and update this thread either way by the end of the week.

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I’ll mark this thread as Solved for now, let us know how it goes.

Feedback following roughly 8 hours of continually playing a variety of 24 bit files and so far, NO stalling.
Looks like it was not Roon, rather my ID40 card, which has been solved by a firmware update.

Thanks guys.