Roon core status Stopped on QNAP NAS (TS-670 PRO)

Roon Core Machine = QNAP TS-670 PRO

Linux 4.2.8 #1 SMP CST 2021 x86_64 GNU/Inux
QNAP TS-670 PRO - Firmware
Intel Core i3-3220

Networking Gear & Setup Details

HP Procurve 1800-24G and HP Procurve 1810-24G

Connected Audio Devices

Boss2 DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

500 Tracks

Description of Issue

I have found the problem with the following description:
Roon Server = Stopped after update etc.

I have downloaded the Log-files. I hope they will be of any help.
I have restarted the Roon core several times. Changed the database location and restarted (twice). Status remains Stopped. On my tablet (Android) the roon app states the folowing:
Looking for your Roon Core.
Which is obvious, because the roon core is stopped.

In the above mentioned tag “Roon Server - Stopped” the screen shots sent, are identical.

I suppose there is no problem with the music database, because the path to the shared music location can be changed without any problem. Just the process wil not start. I have tried to restart the roon app in the AppCenter. The result is always giving the status Stopped.

I hope this information can help to solve the problem. After two weeks testing and paying the Life Time License I would like to enjoy roon.

With kind regards,

John Eberson

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Hey @John_Eberson,

We couldn’t be more sorry that it took us almost two weeks to see and reply to your post… :pleading_face:

I was wondering if all is good on your end? Can we help with anything?