Roon core suggestions

Hi everybody! I just would like to know what is best way to run Roon core I mean on what kind of devices such as decktop PC, All in one comp., NAS or else? Thanks. Serg.

Check out ROCK running on an Intel NUC, or maybe go for a Nucleus.

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Hi Serg,

I think NAS is probably the worst choice - they lack the processing power required for Roon. Do you have existing hardware you can use or are you looking to buy new? Do you want hardware to run just Roon, or other stuff on it? I think instead of “best”, you should be looking for what is sufficient for now and in the foreseeable future. No point in going too overboard on the specs.

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I tend to agree with Danny that Roon OS (Nucleus or ROCK) offers the best Roon experience, especially if you’re looking for an “appliance” that needs virtually no care and feeding.

Personally, I had an existing desktop computer that requires my care anyway, so adding Roon Server required no additional maintenance effort. If I didn’t have this system, I’d buy the latest Roon-upported i3 NUC and build a ROCK.