Roon Core transfer to Nucleus

Hi there, I’ve explored and currently running Roon core on my MAC Pro for about 3 months and it’s been an amazing experience. However it’s been a pain in the ____ turning on and off my MAC and have decided to invest in the Nucleus (I’ve about 300+ tracks exclusively with Tidal). I just had one question:

  • As the Roon core is installed on my MAC, can we move it to the Nucleus?


Hi @Benjamin_Pitot,

We have a guide for migrating your Roon library from an existing Core to Nucleus here in our KB. Definitely give that guide a read and let us know if you have any questions about this!

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Thanks Dylan, initially I thought you could only install one Roon core licence then we’d need to pay to get another licence to install on another device… so the licence can be moved to any device you want but you can only run 1 Roon core at a time then.

Yes, just understand that the Roon library is per Core machine.

So, if you switch Cores between machines you will probably have to Backup/Restore library to stay in sync.

Makes total sense, thanks again!

300K? or 300…its not may if the later as per your quoted post.

the bigger issue to address is how many total tracks (local and streaming) do you have as this will dictate what performance you need, and if you need a PLUS unit or not.

Hello wizardofoz, definitely not 300K and 100% streaming so the Nucleus should suffice, cheers!

A nucleus is probably overkill but unless you are a bit familiar with PC assembly a NUC might be a challenge and the Nucleus will be fine for you. Even a base line Macmini would be fine if you can set it up with a TV and a mouse and keyboard.

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