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On roon remote, it says I already logged into other roon core, i need to logout from other roon core. How can I logout?

Isn’t there a button displayed on that page that you can click to un-authorize your old installation?

As @BlackJack points out: click the Unauthorize button to resolve this glitch.

my Roon ROCK/NUC is playing music now after updating Roon Server SW to 2.0

the Unauthorized button works, allow to logout from previous version and log into Roon Server SW 2.0

thanks for the help
a note, when updating Roon Server SW by placing a roon file in the branches directory. i have to change the IP address from static to DHCP and took couple tries to update

You would be far better off making a DHCP reservation for your ROCK/NUC (if your router supports this) than setting a static IP address in the NUC.

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