Roon Core unresponsive after forward seek on track when streaming to KEF LS50Ws [Ticket Open]

I recently started to seek forward (by clicking somewhere on the waveform) on some tracks and after a few clicks, Roon becomes unresponsive.
The only way I found to take the control back is to reboot my core.
It happened several times on different tracks (FLAC 24/96).
My core is nuc with ROCK and I’m controlling from my Windows 10 computer. Output on LS50W.

Let me know if any other test or detail is useful.

Flagging Support for you here @support

…and the same happens to me when I seek forward on Tidal Tracks.

Hi @AdZero and @anon60681764 ---- Thank you both for the feedback and sharing this observation you have made with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, I setup a test environment at my desk today to see if I could reproduce this behavior. I have a NUC w/ROCK (v1.5)(B339) and a Win10 laptop acting as a remote, my endpoint is a Chord Qutest. I first tested with a TIDAL album and could not get the Win10 remote to become unresponsive by seeking through the tracks. Everything played to completion without issue. I then tested with FLAC 24/96 content and had the same results.

Are there any other details that can be provided to make this behavior reproducible in house? Is this only occurring on a single remote/endpoint? Any further feedback you can provide would be very helpful.


Hi Eric

My only remote is a Huawei M5 pad, in the beginning I was suspecting that it had to do whit some kind of buffer overrun in the M5, so I played around whit different types of android devices and could easily repeat the “crash”. So I am still using the M5 as my remote.
My setup is as follows:
Nuc 7i7DNHE -120GB M.2 – 8GB ram. Latest Bios
NAS synology 1515+ 16GB ram. Raid5.
KEF LS50 Wirreles(Endpoint of Roon)
Netear R7800 Router 50/50mb fiber connection
Everything is hardwired whit Cat6A and distributed in a Netgear GS108v2 switch.
So the only wireless connection is the remote


Hi @anon60681764 ---- Thank you for touching base with me and providing some further details into your setup. Very appreciated!

Upon reading your post I set my test environment up again to see if I could trigger this behavior using a different remote. This time I used and Android device to control ROCK but unfortunately I am not able to trigger this behavior :thinking:

If you switch to another zone (i.e something other than the LS50s) and seek through the track does this behavior reproduce? That KEFs seem to be a common factor between yours and AdZero’s reports so I want to make sure this behavior is not isolated to those devices.


Hi Eric !

I’ve also done some quick additional tests this morning.

First I changed my endpoint to my Shield TV Chromecast. I used my Huawei M5 android tablet as remote to seek through both tidal tracks and a local 24/96 flac file (same album used last time).
When jumping on the timeline of a track (Tidal or local), the playback resumes almost instantly at the chosen point in time.

Then I switched to my LS50W zone (same remote) and repeated the same tests.
With Tidal track, I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem. However, It takes quite a long time (1-2 s) before playback resumes.
With the same local flac file, the problem was reproduced after three jumps in the track timeline (small first then bigger).
So as you suspected, the problem seems to be linked to the LS50W endpoint.



Hi Eric
I don’t have another zone to test, but I borrowed Bluesound Node 2 from a friend. And “unfortunately” I cannot reproduce the problem on the Bluesound, and like AdZero I experience that the system becomes more responsive. So yes I look like the Kef LS50 can be the source to the problem.
So any ideas?

By the way, the problem has increased from some time, to every day since Roon 1.5 (Build 334)

Hi @AdZero and @anon60681764 ---- Thank you both for confirming that this behavior is occurring when streaming to the KEFs and not other zones. The additional insight is greatly appreciated!

Continuing forward, while I do not have access to these speakers currently I do believe we have some in our QA lab. I am going to be opening up a ticket with our tech team to bang on this a little bit to see what they can come up with. Once my feedback request has been fulfilled I will be sure to share the team’s findings with you both asap.

Thank you for your patience during this process!

Any progress, the problem is stil there and annoying.


@eric Any updates

Hi @anon60681764 ---- My sincerest apologies for the slow response here. I have been a way on business and am getting caught up on all my pending support cases.

To bring you up to speed I checked out ticket system today to see what “status” was assigned to your ticket/report and I see that this is still with our tech team. I have placed a feedback request asking for an update on their progress and as soon as the request is fulfilled I will be certain to touch base again with a formal update from the team. Thank you again for not only your patience, but also for your understanding during this process.


All — Thank you for you patience and again, apologies for the delay here.

I touched base with our tech team yesterday as mentioned above and I can confirm that they have been able to reproduce this behavior in house with the LS50Ws. The team has since passed the ticket over to our DEV team for evaluation/scheduling.

While I can not say for certain when this behavior will be fixed, I can assure all you that once a fix has been made and all testing has been completed I will provide another update in a timely manor.


Hi @eric I believe that @AdZero and I would like a Christmas present that will solv this long outstanding problem. Any chance for a solution soon?


@eric what about this

Hi @anon60681764,

I took a look at our internal tracker today, and I can see that your ticket is still in our development queue. Thanks in advance for your patience!

– Noris

Thank you for your response, since the problem was raised the first time 18th September I am sure that @AdZero and I would appreciate a response soon. Personally I am sure that roon wil go before the amazing KEF


Hello @anon60681764 & @AdZero,

We’ve just released an update to Roon that contains a fix regarding KEF LS50 Wireless playback. We will continue to monitor this situation going forward, please let us know if this fix does not resolve the issue for either of you.


The new release did change somthing, the error now behave differently. I now get the message roon lost control… I get this message 1-2 time for every 10 music jump. The good thing is that I can now recover from the error whitout a reboot of the system, I just have to start play the next number in the queue