Roon core update December 2022 does not work

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus Server Serial No. 54B2038BD255 (May 2020)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Standard network router for private use at home, connected via ethernet cables with Roon nucleus and hifi system setup.

Connected Audio Devices

Roon remote software on iPhone 12, iPad, MacBook and Microsoft Surface

Number of Tracks in Library

approx. 3’000 tracks

Description of Issue

By beginning of December 2022 my roon nucleus tried to automatically install the latest build, but did not succeed. Checking the roon community, it was suggested to delete a file and reboot. I may miss understood the instructions and did not set the right flags in the roon OS becaus ever since my roon does not boot anymore.

How can I restore the system on my nucleus?

Many thanks in advance for your help


Are you able to access the Web Administration page of the Nucleus by entering in a web browser on your MacBook or your Surface?

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No, I am not able to access the Web Administrator page

And, just to be sure, what are the IP addresses of your MacBook and Surface?

sorry, took me a moment. I am not such a expert

Hmm, well that IP address is in the same range as the IP address shown on the monitor attached to the Nucleus, so it’s worrying that you can’t access the Web Administration page, since the Roon operating system of the Nucleus appears to be up and running if you’re seeing the IP address of the Nucleus.

I think we’re going to have to wait until someone from @support can make a suggestion for the next steps. Sorry for the inconvenience.

thank you Geoff for having a look. I think I will have to install / boot the software, Merry Xmas

http:// is not an IP address, it’s a protocol to be used to talk to this address. Remove it and enter only the IP address numbers on this page

You should however be able to get to the web interface in the browser using, and based on your description something else is wrong in addition to that

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I suspect that something has gone badly wrong during the update - I now notice that in that screenshot of the monitor the unit is reporting it as a ROCK installation, not a Nucleus…

made a better screenshot

Thanks @Geoff_Coupe for fixing my edit mess :slight_smile:

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The OP makes a puzzling comment.

Can you recall what that was, which comment or which file?

the file had a very short name like bit.??? or something like that

Did you follow this set of instructions?

Unfortunately, if you did, then this was not intended as a fix for the Nucleus, and by installing it, you have broken your Nucleus. I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until @support can help you.

I guess it’s possible he installed ROCK on his Nucleus and if he can get it working, Roon can update ROCK to Nucleus.

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Nope - because he apparently can’t access the Web Administration page of a working ROCK installation, so something is properly broken…

Could he start from scratch and install ROCK from a USB stick as if he was installing a new M.2 drive? That might be more drastic than necessary. I just did this when I replaced my M.2 and it’s pretty easy actually.

Hi all, now I have found the topic “RoonServer failing to start after updating to build 1167” including the instructions to remove the file “bits” on the Nucleus database.

Dear Roon team,

My Roon Nucleus is no longer accessible, neither via iPhone, iPad, MacBook nor Surface. I have a normal setup via Wi-Fi router and Ethernet-cables with my HiFi system. I already opened a community chat, got response but without success. What happened:

As instructed on your support page nineteen days ago under “RoonServer failing to start after updating to build 1167”, I have deleted the file called «bits» in [Database/Registry/Core]. Unfortunately, I did forget to switch [Rook Server Software] from «Restart» to «Stop» and was unable to restart the RoonServer from the Web Interface ever since.

After switching on my Roon Nucleus, my TV shows the following:

SYSLINUX 6.03 EDD 20171017 Copyright © 1994-2014 H. Peter Anvin et al
found RoonOS install #5
found RoonOS install #4
booting RoonOS install #5
booting w/ kernel: /roonos-5/bzImage
booting w/ initramfs: /roonos-5/initramfs
booting w/ cmdline: ro root=PARTUUID=4e4f4f52-01 rootfstype=ext4 vga=normal no fb video-vesafb: off consoleblank=0 loglevel=1 roonos=/roonos-5

and after a while, prompting:

Manufacturer: Roon Labs
Model: Roon Optimized Core Kit
OS : RoonOS 1.0 (build) 254) production
Serial : 54B2038BD255
Hostname : ROCK

Roon can be accessed by opening any Roon Remote product. If you don’t see this device there, check « Roon OS devices on your network ».
Roon OS Web UI can be directly accessed at :

Can you please advise me what I can do? I am willing to completely reboot from an SSD since I have a backup.

Kind regards