Roon Core USB out or Endpoint? Best case recommendations

Roon Core Machine

Original Roon Nucleus.
Don’t have specs.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast Router. Can use a network switch with clock, or leave out switch completely

Connected Audio Devices

Ehternet to fiber converter to get the network to the audio head end. convert to ethernet then to either an SoTM switch with clock or no switch at all.
Possible convert usb to spdif? opinion. then to Neeodio Origine cd player with dac

Number of Tracks in Library

None yet

Description of Issue

wanting to know best practices as far as using roon core direct vs a high-end endpoint. Lumin etc.

Thank you

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Whatever you want is what it comes down to. There are so many personal variables that no one “best practice” really fits all, imho. There are those who use USB from Core to DAC and like it. There are others who feel that there will always be a SQ hit doing that and the best is to go ethernet to the DAC or an ethernet endpoint sitting in front of the DAC.

Really, my suggestion is to try both ways and see what sounds the best for you. Personally, I am of the “The Roon Core should not be in the listening Room at all and should be stuffed away out of sight and hearing” camp.


Ok Thank you, Will play the options :slight_smile:

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