Roon core use of cpu

Trying to understand the logic for how one should run Roon Core.
Just back from a week away and since yesterday evening Roon is using 40% cpu on my NUC10i7FNH.
What do I need to take in consideration?

Is it analysing music ? There will be a circulating icon in the top right if so.

My i3 with Windows 10 on top of it running roon barely topped 5% cpu, so something not right there.

Are you running lots of zones with DSP etc

There is no circulating icon and I’m currently having only 3800 albums.
Thought that Roon Core stored the info of the tracks, but is it so?
How to optimize my setup to avoid to recalculate/analyze?

Only having 2-zones and no DSP.

Can you reboot the core and then check CPU usage.

Rebooted core and now cpu is around 50% whilethe icon is spinningand then down at around 5-7%.

Now looking better…

When restarting Win10 what exactly is Roon core doing?

I think you have a problem. I have the same nuc model:

It’s scanning the drive and cross referencing them against the Roon database catalogue just in case something changed whilst Roon was down.

It should complete quite quickly for me with circa 200 tracks on a NAS it is about 60 seconds.

4% vs. 5% to 7% … does not sound like a problem to me. esp. as the OP is running Windows 10 and your on ROCK / Linux.