Roon Core... why only 1 allowed?

Why are we only allowed 1 Roon Core?

You can have more, but that’s another license. You can have two but only use one at a time.
One core can have myriad independent zones.

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You can probably have as many Roon cores as you have computer devices capable of running it. However, with one license, you can only use one at a time. Makes sense to me.

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You only need a single Roon Core for a single premises. If you have more than one home or use Roon at your place of work you can buy a second subscription or transfer the licence between Cores. Only one Core may be used at a time if you have a single subscription.

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And, it’s as simple as activate another core which deactivates the previous core. I have Roon core on my laptop for travel and Nucleus at home. The only issue is keeping them in sync if that’s important to you.

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I guess my issue is the a few of the systems that are being connected are currently not Roon ready…which is my frustration of them and certainly not Roon.

How would multiple cores help this?

It seems like you don’t understand Roon’s topology.

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A second core would not solve this problem either.

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There is a single Roon Core in any Roon system that manages your library and streams music to various end points (your hi-fi devices.) Roon Bridge is used to connect these to the Roon system. Roon is controlled by apps on mobile devices, PCs and Macs.

Take a look at

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For every problem there is a solution. For example: If have a 30 year old ghettoblaster in my shower and another ghettoblaster in the kitchen. Both are not roon-ready. But with some google chromecast audio (each about $35.-) they are…

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Ok, but you don’t need more than one Roon Core to overcome that … typically the solution is to use a Roon Endpoint (to link the DAC to the LAN).

Lot’s of options:

PC, Mac, running Roon (could be Full if you also want a GUI or RoonBridge)

Could be a Raspberry Pi, running RoonBridge.

Could be a 3rd party commercial device.

All of the above would be RAAT zones, fed by a Roon Core.

Checkout the Roon Knowledge Base Architecture page for further details.

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Thank you all very much for your replies.


You can assemble a Raspberry Pi 4 with parts available on Amazon for less than $100. This can connect to your network using ethernet or WIFI (ethernet works best) and then USB out to your DAC. The software is RoPieee or RoPieeeXL and free to download to your computer and burn onto a micro SD card. The entire assembly and installation process takes 20 minutes tops.