Roon core will not open following 1.7 update

ThinkPad T140; Windows7, build 7601 (service pack 1) Roon 1.7

Wi-Fi; Squeezebox Touch; Technicolor TC8305C router

Yamaha AVR optical from Touch

Description Of Issue

Have been successfully and happily using Roon core on this thinkpad since April 2019 without issue.

Yesterday (November 26), upon opening the Roon core, Roon indicated an update to 1.7 which I accepted. Upon restart, Roon worked fine as usual. However, today when I started Roon, as the splash screen started, a pop-up occurred saying “OpenGL 3.0 or higher is required. The video drivers on this system do not support OpenGL 3.0.”

I have made no changes to the video drivers since installing Roon in April or since updating it and using it successfully for several hours yesterday. What gives?

Thanks in advance for your prompt attention.

The latest release of roon has changes that rely on open gl 3. Your laptop was released in 2010 so may well be using a prior version and so will not work with Roon.
You may try and see if there any updates available for the laptop.

Hi @Paul_Burneko,

What GPU is this device using? Are the graphics drivers up to date? Does it support OpenGL 3.0?

Hi @dylan
Integrated graphics: Intel® HD Graphics (Core i5). Supports OpenGL but not sure how far up the version…

Funny thing is, Roon worked 1.7 all day yesterday, but today refused to go past splashpage before I got the “OpenGL 3.0 or higher required” popup. Not sure what to do at this point…

Google “Intel Driver & Support Assistant”. Install it and then let it determine if there is a driver update for the on-board graphics, my guess is that there might be. Install the update, reboot and you should be good to go.

Intel GMA HD - i5 540M OpenGL version 2.1

The ThinkPad T140 was also available with OPTIMUS including an NVIDIA NVS 3100M which supports OpenGL 3.3

Thanks @BlackJack, unfortunately, no nvidia on this one…

Hey, @dylan

How would I know if the integrated HD Graphics supports OpenGL 3? What are my options if it does not? Can I uninstall the core and reinstall the prior version (I still have the installer that I downloaded with my subscription in April)? I am a bit annoyed here. I have had a tremendous experience with Roon thus far, but nothing told me that the core would not continue to operate on the same computer before I updated. No warning at all. I have no alternative path to my library at this point, and I really am not in a position to upgrade to a new computer just now. So, I just want the use of the service I subscribed to. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks for the tip @Edmund_Comber. No luck. Apparently the driver for the onboard graphics is as updated as it gets, according to the Support Assistant. But a good thought in any event! Thanks.

From the KB article: Software packages


âś“Control âś“Core âś“Output

An all-in-one solution that includes control, core, and output functionality. Choose this package if you only have one computer that manages your music library and connects to your audio outputs (wired via USB or over the network).

NOTE: This package requires OpenGL 3.0 to run the custom graphics engine that powers Roon. If your machine does not support OpenGL 3.0, as an alternative you can install Roon Server and control it with Roon Remote on your mobile device.

Roon Server

âś“Core âś“Output

Roon Server is for those who want to install Roon on a machine with no monitor or graphical interface. This machine will still manage music library and audio outputs, but because it has no graphical user interface, it requires another device for control. After installing Roon Server on your headless machine, you can install Roon Remote on your mobile device or laptop to control Roon Server. You can read more about Roon Server here.

Hi @Paul_Burneko,

Please see Mike’s post here:

Thanks to all for your prompt efforts to offer solutions. Great community here! @dylan: I could have sworn I checked compatibility/support for OpenGL 3.0 before I installed the original core, but alas, as @BlackJack suggested, the onboard HD on supports 2.1 and I guess I got lucky. I have located a laptop which will more than accommodate the roon core and I expect it to arrive in a few days. Then I’ll check the knowledge base on how to migrate my core to the new machine.

Meanwhile, many thanks again for all the suggestions and intelligent help. You folks are great!


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Roon backup.
Roon backup.
Roon backup.
Roon backup.

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