Roon Core will not start

Hi All
I’ve been using Roon for many years with only occasional minor problems. Now it will not start.
First: Core is installed on a Mac Mini (late 2014), 3Ghz Dual Core Intel i7, 16 GB ram, Big Sur v 11.2.3
Problem: Recently shut down system including Mac to upgrade network cables. After restart of Mac clicking on Roon application produces a white screen with a oscillation Roon icon in the middle. Nothing else.
Action taken:

  • rebooted Mac; no change
  • downloaded Roon Core and reinstalled; no change
  • renamed existing Roon application to “Roon_Old”, repeated previous step; no change
  • ran the “sudo chown $(whoami)…” command in Terminal; no change
  • firewall is off and Arial font is enabled
  • searched Knowledge Base for further ideas but can’t see any

Any assistance would be much appreciated

I’ve sorted this problem. See separate message in this category.

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