Roon Core Wireless Question

I have the following set up:
Roon Core on Mac Mini with wireless network
Music library on NAS connected via Ethernet
Streamer Sonore MicroRendu connected via Ethernet

Will this set up work or MUST I have room Core (Mac) connected via Ethernet ( a headache for me).

I do not have a Mac but my pc is accessing my NAS via wireless AC and everything works great for me. I do use a wireless AC bridge with my pc via a ethernet because the built in wireless is only N.

Hi Robert,

All audio in Roon goes through the Core. See this KB page about Roon Architecture.

That means that a completely wireless Core with external file storage has to receive an incoming stream from Router/File Storage and then send the outgoing stream to the Router/Endpoint in real time duplex. That is in contrast to the system described by @tboooe which appears to be incoming only by WiFi with the PC connecting to an endpoint.

I experimented with duplex Wi-Fi using an Aries with local storage some time ago. At that time my router was N only. It was a failure. The stream stuttered continuously and was unlistenable. I think AC might be slightly better but I would be surprised if it was listenable.

As @andybob said, there will be a lot of traffic going over wifi here… it’ll probably work fine, especially if you have 802.11AC, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was unstable.

Thanks everyone. I’ll install Roon Server and connect ithe Mac to my switch.