Roon corrupting files? Transport: Failed to load media

Roon has recently started sending me a message on certain files (e.g., Alison Krauss, “Forget About It”) "Transport: Failed to load media. It just stops so nothing plays, until I select another file. It is doing this with other files with no apparent pattern, although when a file isn’t playable, it remains unplayable. Regular AIFF 16/44.1 files. At the same, it started dividing albums into separate albums with one or two selections and adding covers to the Browse window. This seems related to another problem I have always had: Roon separating each compilation into the separate artists. I often have to manually put them back together and then “Hide” the repeat files.
A week ago I upgraded my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC to their Redcloud. Everything worked well, except for the usual problems, until Saturday Dec. 9, when this started.

Version 1.3 (build 276} (64 bit)
Mac OS High Sierra
MacMini 2.6, 8 gb ram, i7 core
Storage: external Lacie 2TB connected via Thunderbolt
approx 43315 tracks

Roon cannot corrupt files, it doesn’t write to them.

Have you ripped anything lately? If so, did the rip contain files that had characters Roon can’t handle?

I’ve had this same problem and the cause wasn’t the file that seemed to be corrupted, but a rip with ‘bad’ characters. I couldn’t even delete thru Roon the bad rip.

Hi: I rip files fairly regularly, but not any time soon before this started happening. The files it won’t play and on which it displays this message are old ones that I’ve played at other times with no problem. Bruce

OK, just to be clear, my problem wasn’t with the files that wouldn’t play, but another entry in the database library that was effecting ‘innocent’ files’ entrys and not itself being effected.

if you haven’t ripped anything recently, then I guess you are encountering something different.

Good luck.

Hi @Bruce_Morito ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations you have made with us.

Moving forward, would it be possible for you to provide us with a copy of one of the files you are noticing this issue with via shared dropbox link for testing?


Thanks for getting back to me. I will try to upload the file (Alison Krauss - “Stay”). It is on my Mac mini, more or less dedicated to music (iTunes and Roon), although i also stream movies once in a while. I copied the file to a USB stick and will try to upload from that.
Increasing numbers of files are being affected. No Alison Krauss will now play, for example. Sometimes i get the error message but then an entirely different song plays than the one I selected. At other times it just stops playing.


My guess, your database has been corrupted. Did you have a dirty shutdown at some point recently?

Do you have a Roon backup taken before you started experiencing the issues that you can restore?

I am not savvy when it comes to computers, but I think I just uploaded a sample file. Evan’s suggestion may be the right one, since I’ve did have a “dirty” shutdown while trying to delete a large number of files. The computer froze and I had to force quit and shut down.

Hi @Bruce_Morito ----- Thank you for the follow up, I appreciate you touching base with me.

Moving forward, where was the file uploaded to? As per the instructions in my previous you should be able to upload the content to dropbox and then provide a link to download the content:
46 AM

Furthermore, being as you are concerned with the health of your DB I have went ahead and enabled diagnostics on your account so we can determine if there is actually a problem occurring. The next time your core machine comes online (MacMini) a diagnostics report containing a fresh set of Roon logs will be automatically generated/uploaded to our servers.


I hope this time it worked. My Mac Mini is on with Roon loaded. Bruce

Update, Eric: 2 days ago, Roon took a long time to load (over an hour), so I let it keep doing so. After it loaded, it would play some of the files it previously did not. But the divided albums were still divided. The next time I loaded Roon, it had the same problem “Transport: failed to load media”. When splitting albums it sometimes takes only one track and places it in a separate album with the same cover art. At other times it takes more than one track. In some case, it only splits the album once. In others, there are multiple splits.
I have been trying to re-organize the file system to make it more friendly to me and for a new Onkyo DP-X1a player I’m trying to load with files.
Is it possible to re-scan the files to re-generate the data base?

Hi @Bruce_Morito ----- Thank you for update, the insight is very appreciated!

A few things moving forward. First, I want to confirm that we have received the mentioned diagnostics report and I have since passed it over to our tech team for evaluation. Once my report has been updated and returned, I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings with you asap.

Secondly you can re-scan your watch folders at any time by using the “force rescan” function:

11 AM


Update: I re-scanned. No change.
Re-ripped Cd. Same message.

Updated to 1.4 (build 291). Tried playing Alison Krauss again. Same message & new message: “Transport: Too many Failures. Stopping Playback.”

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and providing me with and update, @Bruce_Morito!

I touched base with our techs this morning to checkin on their analysis of the received diagnostics report. As per the conversation, may I kindly ask you to please provide screenshots of the settings being used with your watch folders (example below):


I think this is what you want, although my screen doesn’t look that much like your example.

This is perfect @Bruce_Morito, thank you! One more thing, and my apologies for not mentioning this in my previous post :innocent::dizzy_face: may I also ask you for a screenshot of your “storage” tab.


Eric: I am now away for a couple of weeks and can’t access my roon core computer. Will have to get back to you when I return.


Hi Eric: just back. Here is the screen shot you asked for.

. Roon now also seems to be generating more split albums.
Can I rescan from scratch?

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Hi @Bruce_Morito ----- Thank you for touching base with me, very appreciated. I hope your travels/holiday season were enjoyable. All the best to you and your loved ones in 2018!

Moving forward, I am actually looking for a screenshot of your “storage” tab in the application. See below for an example.

Secondly, you asked if you can “rescan from scratch” you should be able to perform a rescan at any point as noted in my previous post. Perhaps I am not understanding the question?