Roon CPU Utilization high

I have Roon running on an iMac Pro, 8 core 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W. All of the sudden (seems to have started this morning) it is chewing through CPU:

Even with nothing playing in any zone. How can I tell what it’s actually doing?



Have you tried rebooting?

I restarted the app and that didn’t help, but a reboot did. I’d still like to know how to see what’s going on if it happens again

This seems to be happening on high core count boxes (> 4 physical cores). I’ve run into this on a Mac Mini 6-core as well, and it appears I’m not the only one. This popped up a month or more ago, and has been 100% consistenty (every time I launch the app, it pegs the CPUs)

I’ve already gone through one round of data capture with Roon’s support staff, but haven’t heard an update in the past couple weeks. It only seems to happen on the client software running on the 6-core mac mini – other clients (4-core mac laptop and windows versions) seem to be okay.

I’m curious to hear any updates on this.

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Same issue here: CPU remains pegged on 2018 Mac Mini (base core i3) with no activity.

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I just joined the forum to try to find an answer to this also - I have stopped using Roon (just after renewal) since it cranks up my 2019 iMac fan and shows absurd CPU percentages even when just sitting there. I have so much music trapped in my Roon library that I don’t even listen to anymore because it is such a resource hog. Before I start yet another thread on this popular topic, has anybody found out how to get this beast under control?


Could it be that this is an issue only under macOS? I run RoonServer on a Dell PowerEdge T630 with 2x Intel Xeon E5-2630L v3 @ 1.80 GHz 8 core (16 threads) CPUs (running with about 2,09 GHz according to the task manager) and 48 GB under Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

I can identify the following processes with the following CPU usages and working memory assignments for idle RoonServer (i.e. no playing of music in any zone):
RoonServer: 0 %, 8,3 MB
RoonAppliance: about 0.1 % to 3.1 % (varies in this range), about 2302.4 MB (varies slightly as well)
RAATServer: 0 %, 5.9 MB.

Perhaps these data are of interest in the context of this thread.


I posted a separate thread on a problem that presented the same way here, though I don’t know if it is the same as yours (even when idle, Roon was taking 30% or so and running the fans high on 2019 iMac 27).

The fix was dead-simple (with thanks to Noris for the suggestion): cycle the WiFi. Even though that was off and I only use Ethernet, this immediately fixed the problem here.


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I will so totally try that when it happens again, thanks!

What happened?

Oh my god!!!

This is so funny, when I opened the wifi my iMac came alive:) otherwise it was not working with roon open, I was looking at new computers

How this can be possible?