Roon crash on Monterey due to folder

I had the same issue. Thought Roon was responsible but I start to believe the issue is with Monterey. I installed JRiver as a substitute and have exactly the same issue with my Mac crashing during scan of medias.
Not sure this helps. Not me at least.
Hopefully we will see a patch soon

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That’s interesting, just to confirm you also have a network folder right?

I will submit a ticket to Apple explaining the bug also, I would encourage you to do the same so different voices can be heard sooner.

Correct. My music files are on a NAS. The folder is mounted at login.

Will also report to Apple. good suggestion. Thanks

Hi @Carlos_Pereira ,

Have you by any chance been able to narrow down to which file(s) is causing this issue? It might be helpful to have the file(s) for testing on our end as well, if you know the offending file(s), can upload them here and let us know?

It does sound like a hardware fault if Jriver is also experiencing the same.

Further to Noris recommendation, I split my music folder into 5 sub folders and started adding them one after the other in order to be able to identify the faulty files: no success. Independently of the order the folders are added, the crash always occurs when the fifth folder is added.
If any other suggestions happy to try

Hi @Carlos_Pereira ,

Are you still having this issue on the latest Roon release? If so:

What is the fifth folder’s name? This info can help when looking over logs, thanks!

The issues remains the same. The Mac mini crashes (and then I received a notification on my other devices that a new one is using my credentials).
My folders are numbered from 1 to 5.

This is super annoying: I bought the lifetime licenses and was barely able to enjoy it

Thanks for a quick work around

Assuming that it’s not the actual folder that’s causing the problem, but rather one or more of the files within it, try removing half the files and scan the folder again. If the problem persists, remove half of the remainder, and so on. Alternatively, if removing the first half of your files resolves the issue, try adding in half of the remaining files. Repeat as necessary. This method will allow you to identify the problematic files relatively quickly.

Good morning Dave.
I split my initial 5 folders into 3 to have more granularity. I now have 15 folders with an equal number of sub-folders. Not the same number of files though.
I started adding one folder at a time: my Mac crashed when adding folders 12 or 13 or 14. I removed all the other folders and added only those three only: No crashes any more.
I tend to believe that I’m the issue is the number of files.
I will try to identify which number.

From what you’ve said, that does sound likely. Hopefully support will be able to offer some practical advice as to how the problem can be solved.

Hi @Carlos_Pereira ,

Can you please reproduce the issue, access your Roon logs using these instructions, upload a set of logs here after the issue occurs and let us know once uploaded?

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