ROON crashed no artist available

ROON has crashed on me suddenly, it opens but none of my artists show up ? it says it looking for my artists and just a spinning circle appears on screen. @support

Hey @BRIAN_SULLIVAN – can you give us the details of your system as described here?

A set of logs would be helpful too - instructions are here. Thanks!

ROON has completely crashed suddenly, shortly after an iTunes update ? Im running OS X Yosemite macbook Air 2013 processor 1.3 ghz, 4 g RAM. I have external HD via USB for all my music and also using TIDAL. Its going through Bluesound Node 2 to MYTEK talk. When I open ROON none of my artist show up anymore just shows a circle spinning saying its looking for my music ? its configured properly been using it for months and has worked flawlessly ? Need help

Hi @BRIAN_SULLIVAN ---- Thank you providing the details of your setup, as request by Mike. Very appreciated!

We would definitely like to take a look at your logs so we can try and determine what is causing this behavior to occur. May I very kindly ask you to please follow the directions in Mike’s post and send us over a set of logs for analysis.