Roon crashed on my whole system

I use a Intel i5 desktop to run my system of a Raspberry Pi using Ropiee in my basement and a NUC running as a remote in my Living room. My desktop crashed. I’m guessing hard drive issues. I got it up and running but now I can’t access the NUC or Rpi. When I access roon on my cell phone as a remote it just searches and hangs, same things happens detecting the NUC. I can’t even connect to my Rpi via Ropiee. I’m at a loss. Could a corrupt hard drive cause this? The only connection I can get is running is a Dragonfly directly to the desktop. I can also access Arc on my cell phone. So frustrated.

The core must be up if Arc is connecting, have you checked the audio settings to ensure everything is enabled that needs to be?

I went into settins-audio and the nuc isnt listed

If your running windows then it’s likely a firewall issue on windows defender blocking Roon and RAAT server happens all the time after OS updates. Ensure that you have exceptions for these apps in your firewall. If this isn’t the case and they are already setup as an exception then it’s more likely network related. Try rebooting all your network gear and then all roon related kit.