Roon crashed on PC, then erased album

QNAP Roon Server 1.8 764 on both Roon server and Roon remotes
Pfsense router, Roon remotes connected via ethernet.
PC running latest Win 10 connected via ethernet.
Two days ago, I was playing a classical album on a Windows 10 pc> USB> Berkeley Alpha USB>Dac
Roon sees the Alpha USB as a local device. At first, when 1.8 was released, had issues with Roon remotes (win 10 PCs) recognizing local usb dacs connected the the local computers. this problem was fixed via recent upgrades. However, when i was playing a album the other day, Roon crashed, and erased the album i was listening to. this is a very disconcerting problem. This PC/Roon remote has been reliable for years. I dont mind if Roon crashes, but the fact that it erased an album without being prompt to do so is a major problem that needs to be addressed.

  1. Why did this happen?
  2. How do we prevent it from happening again?

Hi jfp,

not official support just a friendly fellow user. But, wanted to understand the setup. Core is on the Qnap, you were running the client on a Win 10 PC.

Did the client crash or the server?

Where were the files in question stored?

Roon lives on QNAP on M.2 ssd. Music lives on QNAP in Raid 6 array.
Roon remote was running on a local PC Win 10, that has operated flawlessly for years.
Roon remote crashed twice within a few minutes, the first time of which, it decided to erase the music i was playing on my hard drive. This is a very disconcerting development.

Hey @jfp,

Great to have you back on community :wave:

So sorry for the delay in getting back to you - I do wish we would have had the chance to do so sooner. We’re working on back-to-normal response times.

I’m so sorry to hear about the consequences of Roon crashing: did just the track you were listening to get deleted? Or its entire album? What about the other music files on the same hard drive?

Also, was the album deleted from Roon, or from the hard drive?

Thanks in advance :pray:

P.S. Thank you @Rugby for helping :pray:

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