Roon crashes after minimizing [Resolved]

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Pro, Version 21H2
Intel Core i7-7800X
4k monitor

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected to a simple wired home network. Hosted on my windows machine.

Connected Audio Devices

Connected to my Sonos Play 5, as well as a USB connection to an Amp/Dac.

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

A while ago I reported a problem where Roon would crash after minimizing, leaving it a while, and then going to maximize it again. That’s here.
That was resolved, but with the latest update, the problem has unfortunately returned.
Log says as follows:
Exception Message: get_spec_aspect requires a non-zero width and height

at ..\ui\queue.broo:4138 [aef365:0148] function process_artist_image
at ..\ui\queue.broo:4191 [aee33e:003d] function anon_9986
at ..\ui\queue.broo:4188 [aee3c5:0072] action

Same version of windows, I7 10th gen, 32 GB RAM, 4K monitor
Same problem here.
Roon crashes after a while when minimized.

Hi @draxerra05 & @Marco_De_Rosa1 ,

Thank you for the report here, we are aware of this issue and have a ticket in. We made some changes in this area for our next release, please do let us know if it helps with your issue once it’s published, thanks!

That’s great, thanks very much for your help! Will let you know once it’s out :slight_smile:

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Same problem. Now after lastest patch. Win 11 to 4k tv.

Seems okay for me. Haven’t had the problem since. Might be a slightly different issue?

Hi All,

This issue should have been resolved in build 931.

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