Roon crashes after the first night scan!

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Hi guys,

So, I decided to give a go to Roon after being a Plex user for about 10 years. I love the look and feel of Roon, and the way it puts stuff in place in the UI.
Problem is, while Plex scans and handles my 45TB library without an issue, Roon, crashes after a single night scan.
Every time I start it, it now crashes.

I had a look at the logs and if told me a file ( a single file!) generated an error. This makes me feel a little worried about the way roon handles things. But whatever, I simply deleted the album from my storage and started roon again. Now it keeps crashing, without displaying any error in the logs anymore.

Also, it seems like roon do not handle streaming outside of my LAN ? and it also seem like I even can’t share it with anyone ? This is all working with plex.

I would love to use roon, but in current state, it is simply impossible, also it do lack vital features (come on, who would be fine streaming his music from inside his own network only???).

Do anyone here know what could be happening and if anything is on the roadmap to make roon a real social thing ? with share features and streaming outside of the LAN ?


Hi @Rasmus_asmusen

I don’t have any specific information I can provide myself, but you can read the discussion about this topic here.

We do have a share feature, but if you’re looking for more sharing, I’d recommend opening a #roon:feature-requests!

Can you elaborate a bit on roughly how many tracks are in your library, and the specs of your Core machine? It’s hard to say at the moment what’s happening for sure, but 45TB can be quite a large number of tracks, and without knowing more about the Core you’re using it is hard to know for sure if your machine will be able to handle a very large database.

Its possible a corrupt file could cause roon scanning to crash but more likely its based on how huge your library might be… mine is 30% of your 45TB and thats already a very challenging scan over a network - so much so that I put it internally on a 16TB drive. Even at 16GB Ram and an i7-7700 cpu that is maybe still only just capable of good performance.

Hi guys,

My core is running on a Ryzen 9 5950x, 64 gig RAM. I use the 32 cores to scan the files. Should be fine ! :wink:

I give Roon another chance, installed it again this morning and will see how it performs this time. This time I’m going even further as the music folder is mounted from gdrive using rclone (vfs is enabled in full mode which allows fast file access).

Now I’m gonne install openVPN to solve the “local only” issue of Roon. But this is in my opinion something that really should be enabled by default. I mean, come on, people want to have access to their music from everywhere ! and not only when at home ! it’s 2021 for god sake ! :wink:

Zerotier has worked for me…and many others

Never heard about it. I will google for it now. Thanks for the tip ! :slight_smile:

Installed it, works like a charm.
Thank you !


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