Roon crashes and asks for the installation of command line developer tools


Roon crashes frequently und OS X 10.10.3 and tells me that the “lldb command” needs the command line developer tools .

Please advise.

Hello @pbarnewi , I’ll PM you shortly to grab logs. Meanwhile, could you, please, describe in more details under what circumstances it crashes: right after the Roon start-up or after specific steps in the app?

I crashes while searching/sorting my library (8100 albums).

This happened to me. I authorized the Developer Tools thinking that it created the datasets Roon used to analyze why my machine crashed. (Funny thing - or not so funny thing - I never asked Roon if this was the case.)

So, I was supposed to authorize those tools, right?

After my update installation Apple OS X asked if I should allow incoming network connections from Roon. Am I supposed to answer yes to that also?

The things I forget to ask about.


Yes, that’s just a message from your firewall – you’ll want to click Yes.

I’m going to get in touch via private message so we can get some more info about the crashes you’re seeing. Sorry for the inconvenience @dbtom2!

I am now experiencing the exact same issue! Should I do same as dbtom2 and install the “command line developer tools- Xcode”?

Hey @tomdee55 - I don’t think you need to install the developer tools. That message just means you’ve crashed.

Let me discuss with the guys – it’s possible we have a fix already done for the next release, but I may need some more info from you. Stand by!

interestingly, a couple of days ago Apple sent an update for OSX: “Command Line Tools (OSX 10.10) Version 6.3”. not sure if it’s just coincidence or not but I will let you know if Roon crashes again with the same lldb message.


I posted my latest crash until the "Roon crashed unexpectedly topic. After running for an hour, my Mac prompted me to authorize running the Developer Tools. As soon as I did so, Roon crashed and wouldn’t restart.


Roon crashed again on me but it did not bring up the lldb message. Matter of fact, it was a little different in that Roon became unresponsive and I had to Force Quit.

I have happen from time to time, once every few days. Roon client crashes, asks for command line developer tools, blah blah blah, I click cancel, re launch Roon and all is well.

I am having the same difficulty. Roon will run great for 20-25 minutes and then crash and close in the middle of a track or drop the track and say “nothing is playing”. Restarted the mac mini and Roon several times and the issue persists.

Hey guys,

This crash isn’t triggered by a single issue, and is actually more of a symptom. It can be triggered a few different ways, which is why a couple of you are seeing this even if it’s not necessarily the same issue.

We’ve already closed out a number of related issues for our next release, which is with our QA department now, and should be released sometime next week, so help is on the way.

For now, I’d like to confirm that the issues you’re seeing are the same ones we’ve already fixed, so @tomdee55 @everett @bplexico – I’ll be in touch via Private Message with more instructions.

@mike - had another one of these this evening on the Roon remote on my Macbook Pro. Was playing music and Roon just quit, music kept playing, then I just restarted the Roon remote.

Just an FYI.

crash, boom, bang … it’s here too … it crashes at start up, it crashes when I choose Discover … the first few days: no crashes and now more and more … Today I cannot keep it open, it crashes right away … rebooting and reinstallation didn’t help.

it’s unusable for me at the moment …

Are you on a windows machine or on a Mac? Deleting the Roon folder in my Mac Library folder solved a similar issue for me.

Regards Peter

@pbarnewi I’m on OS X 10.10.3 … you mean deleting the whole folder?? then reinstall?


yes delete the whole folder no need to reinstall afterwards. The problems seems to be the database which is in the Roon folder. If its get corrupted nothing will work.

Regards Peter

Here is how you make your library folder visible:

ok … reimported the whole library … works again … (of course I lost all the changes to covers etc … and of course I forgot to make copies of the logs…)