Roon crashes every night requiring a reboot every morning (Nucleus)

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus
Roon OS 1.0, build 227

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti network gear

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet 400, Devialet Phantom, NAD

Number of Tracks in Library

approx 40,000

Description of Issue

Every morning when I go to Roon from any device I get a message that the server is not found. If I try to go via browser it can’t find it. I have to manually unplug the Nucleus and plug it back in. This is a new problem that started a week ago (perhaps since the last update).

Hi Adam, sorry for your troubles!
Do you know if anything in your network setup has changed recently?
Firmware, reconfiguration by IsP or similar?

Do you have an ooprtunity to connect an HDMI cable and monitor to the Nucleus so it would be possible to see on screen whats happening?

Are you running a back up overnight ?

Anything running across your network overnight?

So backups are every 5 days but I check and the last backup was March 5 which doesn’t make sense. I manually did a backup just now and it completed fine and the Nucleus is still running. Nothing happens at night across the network that doesn’t happened during the day. Typical household. If anything night time stuff is lighter.

Nothing has changed. As a rule I don’t change stuff that is working if I can help it. The only thing that I know changed is the update Roon sent out a week or two ago.

Re HDMI, yes, I can do that. Please confirm that you want me to connect/check AFTER it has crashed (ie, the next morning attache and screen shot it)?


A back up will fail if Roon is in use when the schedule tries to run

You will normally see a Red triangle warning icon in the top right corner

Hi Adam, sometimes attaching a HDMI monitor needs to be done beforehand. At least ime.
But you are correct, i was mostly curious if the screen showed some error logs or similar after a crash.

Just like clockwork. . this morning, Roon had crashed. Attached is a screen shot from the HDMI device with the error.

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Previous issue

Could it be the USB stick I have in it for backups?

Might be time to replace your internal storage. Since it’s Nucleus @support should advise ASAP before you have catastrophic dataloss. Where are your music files stored?

nvme0 = First NVME device detected by system
nvme0n1 = First namespace on nvme0 device
nvme0n1p4 = Partition 4 of first namespace on first nvme device

The error, I don’t specifics of what happened, but is basically the system tried to write something from memory to the drive and that failed. An inode is a specific file reference (or directory) used by most Unix file systems. Again, more data is needed here to say exactly what is wrong but this is, essentially, a write error and data that was trying to be written to disk is lost. That may not be terrible for a single file. But does indicate something is starting to fail. (nvme, ram, etc.)

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Hey @Adam_Crafton1,

We’re so sorry to hear of the error you’re experiencing. We’d love to chime in as well, even though the community has been so amazing yet again and has helped out tremendously. Thank you all :pray:

Also, thank you @Adam_Crafton1 for conversing with them.

It might be worth also trying this and see if the behavior improves:

  • Stop Roon in the Web UI
  • Use these instructions to locate your Roon Database
  • In the Roon or Roon Server folder go to Databse>Orbit>delete the orbit_v3.db folder only.
  • Restart the machine and use as normal.

Thanks :pray:

I removed the USB stick last night that I had been using for backups and this morning Roon was running fine. It did not crash. I’ll check tomorrow and post results.

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Thanks, @Adam_Crafton1. We’ll keep an eye out for your replies :pray:

Ok - so it looks like the USB stick was the problem. It has not crashed since I removed it. . .not sure if went bad or what.


They often do, they are for occasional use not daily driving.

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