Roon crashes/freezes/hangs and RoonServer cannot connect on Windows 10 PC

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core: Windows 10 Pro Desktop PC (Broadcom 802.11ac Network Adapter Wifi 2.4/5ghz)
File Storage: Synology DS215j NAS (Ethernet to router)

|Edition|Windows 10 Pro|
|OS build|19045.2846|
|Experience|Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0|

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz
Installed RAM 32.0 GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

GPU: Nvidia GTX980

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio CXN v2 (Ethernet to router)

Number of Tracks in Library

1,000 albums, FLAC

Description of Issue


My Roon Core is connected via wifi to my router around 5/6 metres away in the next room which is plugged directly via ethernet to a Synology NAS where my library of music is stored and also to a Cambridge Audio CXN v2 which is used as the playback device.

When I first installed the Roon desktop application on my PC it worked perfectly for about 2/3 days. Then it started struggling out of the blue.

When I try to start the Roon app on my Windows 10 PC now it crashes or takes at least 5 minutes to open. When it does open, it is extremely laggy and unresponsive and, for the most part, unusable.

I tried installing Roon Server on the desktop and removing the Roon app, thinking there was an issue with the Nvidia 980 GPU compatibility as has been described on these forums, but the server always reported an error and that it had failed to start.

I reinstalled the desktop app and restarted from fresh with a brand new library etc., but the same issue continued. I have updated/reinstalled all graphics drivers and wifi drivers, .NET etc. etc. based on various solutions I had seen on forums but to no effect.

I also tried using an alternate wifi adapter on my desktop PC to connect to my router but this did not have any impact. I have done a number of tests of the wifi signal and it appears to be strong, reporting consistently <10ms ping times on broadband speed tests.

I then installed the app on my (Windows 11) laptop which is also connected via wifi and set that up as the Roon core instead and it works fine. The problem with this setup is that I can’t keep my laptop on 24/7 and it also requires waking up to connect initially, so Roon ARC is out of the equation.

There seems to be something causing a network issue for Roon on this Desktop PC but I can’t seem to identify the cause.

Even now that I have given up on the Desktop PC and am using my laptop as the Roon Core to provide a temporary solution, the Deskptop PC app struggles to open and connect to the laptop core when I want to play music using the desktop as the playback device. It does eventually connect and play but it the GUI is very laggy.

I wonder if you could advise on a potential solution please?


The predominant advice will be to connect the core via Ethernet. A clean install with firewall permissions granted would be my next move.

Hey @George123,

Ben with the support team here, thanks for writing in, and welcome to the community!

I wanted to get a pulse on your issue, did @Henry_McLeod’s response above help with your performance issues? I too would be curious to see how things run with the windows 10 core device hardwired to your router via ethernet.

Even if it isn’t permanent, it’d be a good troubleshooting step to test and rule out.

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

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