Roon crashes nearly every time I add an album to my library

Roon Core Machine

Window 11 on Dell XPS i7 desktop

Roon crashes to desktop nearly every time I add an album to my library. Once I have opened the app again the album does appear in the library correctly. But it is a bit inconvenient.

Same problem occurs with the Android app. I have to sometimes close it down and reopen as it too crashes.
No problems streaming etc,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

When you add an album the core PC kicks it’s processing power in to high gear to analyse the files. Try disabling analysis and adding tracks to prove. If it is the issue you may need to see why your PC is behaving like that under load.

Thank you. The track analysis is currently set at ‘throttled’. I will switch off and let you know.

Can you advise where to switch the feature off. I switched off “Background Audio Analysis” and it still happens when saving albums to library. I don’t have crashing with other apps which use plenty of resources (Photoshop, games etc). I have plenty of power with i7 and memory 32GB and an SSD.

Is the Dell XPS used exclusively as a Roon Core or for other tasks as well?

This may be a rare manifestation of a known issue which is fixed in the next release. If you don’t mind holding out until early next week we may have this fixed for you.


I’m dealing with the same problem. Roon crashes almost every time when I try to add an album to my library. No error message pops up, Roon just shuts down to desktop.

(Win11 / Asus Zenbook i7-10510U / Quobuz)

It is used for other things but when I listen to music it is not being used and no hungry apps are working at the same time.

Thank you for the information on a possible fix in a future version. Although not what one wants to see, at least I can continue by opening the app and the album is saved to the library.

Hi @Eric_Moore,

We appreciate your patience and understanding. I’ll reach out to alert you of the upcoming build. Thanks!

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Hi @Eric_Moore, this should be fixed in build 918 which was just released. Please upgrade, try again, and let us know.



So far so good. Added a few albums without a problem. Thank you for your help.



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