Roon crashes on IOS when trying to change playlist order [Investigating - Ticket open]

Roon Core Machine

iPhone 13 Pro Max

16.0.3 (20A392)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library



Description of Issue

On my IPhone Roon Remote is crashing when trying to change the order of a playlist. Touching the right dots causes immediate crash


When I had this issue it was because the track I was trying to move had some special characters in the metadata that shouldn’t have been there.
When I fixed the metadata and re-started my core the crashing stopped.

I just tested this with multiple different playlists.
Touch dots > crash

It happens on all of my playlists Some are in my library some a Qobuz.

Yes same here.
I’d only noticed it on the playlist I mentioned above but it looks like it’s happening with all of them.

Just checked iPad.
It’s fine there.
My iPhone is iOS 16.0

One more interesting observation. I had no problem with the ARC app on same IPhone

BR20 is working flawlessly for me on 2.0 core

HI @jim_Schanzenbach,

Thank you for writing us on this issue. Did you by chance attempt to remove Roon Remote from your device and re-install it? It’s possible something is corrupted with the playlists or the playlist data. This action would force everything to re-populate.

Let me know if this doesn’t change your situation. We may have to have you enable logging for us to examine if it doesn’t do the trick.


Same problem here. I just deleted the Roon 2 app from my iPhone (ios 16.1) and reinstalled it from the App Store as you recommended. Still immediate crash when trying to move a song in a playlist.

It’s a local Playlist with 2 songs from tidal.

This happens to me too with iPhone 13 currently running iOS 16.1.
It happens with all my playlists: Local, Qobuz, or Tidal.
If I touch the dots on the left, Roon Remote immediately crashes.
I can’t recall when this issue started but it’s been like this for at least 2 update cycles.
It may have started with 2.0. but I’m not certain.
It doesn’t happen on iPad.

Still happening to me as well. Even after reinstall of remote. As I mentioned earlier my work around is to edit the playlist order in the ARC app for now.

Hi @jim_Schanzenbach and @Placebophile,

I appreciate you bringing these to our attention. I will be discussing this with the team tomorrow morning and we’ll see what we can do to come up with a resolution for you. Normally, I’d expect a fresh install to fix problems so this is quite a surprise. I will let you know what I find out.


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Hi @jim_Schanzenbach. @Placebophile @Henning,

Our teams have duplicated this issue and are creating an internal ticket to issue a fix for this.

I will leave our thread open and allow you all to report back your findings once we do.



Same here on Android 13, Pixel4 and Samsung S21


We didn’t have instances of this happening with Android. Can you please do a favor and open a new thread under support with your completed template and issue?


Have been facing the same issue on iPhone 13 Pro Max. When trying to slide the track up or down in playlist the app crashes instantly. Removed and reinstalled. No difference.

Oh and it works fine on the ipad.


I take that back. We do indeed have a ticket covering this for Android devices and we’re working on a fix. Bear with us.


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Same Problem Here. When will the fix be available?

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