Roon crashes on Sheffiled Labs A2TB test disc? [Ticket In]

Roon Core
Intel I7 NUC - ROCK
Roon 1.8 build 764 stable
Qobuz HI-FI Sublime +

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Ciao everyone from Roma,

Whenever I try to play the A2TB test disc from Sheffiled Labs, all I can get is a couple of tracks and the my system mutes.

I could maybe think of some sort of “protection” and/or demo only playback , but my system locks, i am una le to stream any further misic and I have to reboot my Core.

Am I the only lucky one ?


Same for me, Valerio. Not with music or spoken tracks. Only with the 4" test tracks, e.g. “500 Hz One Octave Warble”. Verified on different endpoints controlled from iPhone and iPad. The only way I found to restore playback is a “Restart Roon Server Software” on my NUC.

Do You know of any other test albums available from Quobuz? Compared to Tidal I am missing like 3 or 4 test albums that I have been using from time to time.

Ciao, klisse

Hey Klisse,

That is the same track i am interested in (500 Hz) and the one who is locking up my ROCK up to the point that a NUC reboot is required.


I tried to play this track via Tidal, but Roon says it isn’t available. Some other tracks of the album do play. No crashes or anything.

Thanks for the report, @Valerio_Porta — I’ve passed this along for the team to look into.

Thanks @dylan for the reply.
Are there any news about this issue?

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