Roon crashes on startup after 806 build update on ROCK, PC and Android

I’m trying to open Roon, but it’s impossible to even start App. I use Intel NUC, and before update everything worked. I tried to reinstall all apps(Roon server, Roon on PC and on Android 10 mobile Phone), but nothing help. Who is responsible for such problem?? This is not just mine problem…

Hey @Piotr_Durczak,

Thanks for letting us know of the issue you’re experiencing. And thanks for already trying a few steps.

I wonder, are all of your devices updated to the latest build (806)? It is necessary that all Roon devices are running on the same version for them to work together.

Do you see an error message? Can you share a screenshot?

Hey @Piotr_Durczak,

I was wondering how things have unfolded since we last talked: can we help with anything at all? :nerd_face:

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