Roon crashes on startup OS X 10.11.6 [Little Snitch]

This just started today afaik.

I launch app, it flashes in dock for a second then disappears. The only thing in the console log is:

11/19/16 6:59:56.033 PM[1]: (com.roon.Roon.46432[700]) Service exited with abnormal code: 1
11/19/16 7:02:02.122 PM[1]: (com.roon.Roon.46432[781]) Service exited with abnormal code: 1

I tried rebooting mac, no difference.

The only thing new here is that I installed LittleSnitch network monitor. However, there aren’t any LS rules stopping Roon’s outbound network traffic.


Wouldn’t it be easy enough to get rid of LittleSnitch and see if the problem goes away. Roon uses multicast so you might be running into an issue with that?

Yes, and it did. I’m a little bummed out as to why LS and Roon don’t play nice together.

There could be a couple reasons. But, I would bet on setup first. Roon has several server processes which need approval, it could be as simple as you approved Roon but not RAAT for network access. Or LS has an extra step of setup with programs that use multicast.

The processes that need to be approved for firewalls are Roon and RAATServer, it may be that LS has to allow RAATServer explicitly.

In addition to Roon using multicast, RAAT uses UDP. If LS has different permissions for TCP and UDP then that might be worth a look also.