Roon crashes on Windows 11 Pro

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Pro, Asus PN50 Ryzen 7 4700U 32GB RAM 1TB NvMe SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Amplifi HD Mesh Network

Connected Audio Devices

Allo USB Signature Wired connection to Wireless Mesh router

Number of Tracks in Library

13951 tracks

Description of Issue

Since upgrading to Windows 11 Pro yesterday I have encountered several times both the main Roon Core GUI and Remote on (Ipad) applications have frozen/crashed. Interestingly the music still streamed but the controls became unusable.

Just wanted to give you a heads up really, I’m not expecting a fast resolution seeing as I decided to be such an early adopter on the new Windows OS!


Hi @jrd1975, would you please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?



Hey @jrd1975,

We’re so sorry you’ve experienced this issue (and possibly still are). I was wondering, did you get a chance to upload a set of logs for our team? We’d love to help get you up and running with Roon :nerd_face:

Hey Rebeka, Dylan. I thought I had uploaded the logs the other day. Have you not received them?

Hey @jrd1975,

Thanks so much for confirming! We did get them, but we were waiting on confirmation they were uploaded.

So sorry about that :relieved:

We’ll reply on this thread as soon as the team takes a look at the logs.

No problems at all! For reference, I have not had any further freezing episodes on either the core or remote. So it may not be worthwhile spending any further time looking into :smile:

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That’s awesome to hear, @jrd1975. Thank you for letting us know - we’re celebrating Roon not crashing with you :partying_face:

@beka - I was about to create a new thread asking about Win11 readiness for Core. I’m in the process of selecting a new small form-factor PC and still reviewing my options. Is there any timeline on Win11 testing and any required associated re-engineering for use as Roon Core yet?

I don’t want to start a new thread unnecessarily, hence replying here so I can keep an eye on any updates for the original support request. I also note there is no Windows section in the Roon Software sub, so would have been unsure where to create any new thread…


Post edit: @jrd1975 - how is your experience on Win11 going? Any further issues or observations? I may be happy to take the plunge and join early-adopter status if your experiences are positive.

This might be of interest……

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Thanks, @AceRimmer, will have a nose. I’m really interested in the progress of the Core on Win11. I’m likely to use Android control app across our phones and tablets plus maybe still my Surface Win10’s control app.

Of course, that’s only until I take the plunge and move my day-to-day Surface up to Win11, but that has to be done with care as I rely on it for trading.


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I’ve now had a chance to circle-back and read that thread in its entirety, @AceRimmer. I will flag the thread for updates. There was more in there than your link alluded to initially.

PCs are being sold in Australia with Win11 pre-installation as an option now, so I am having to tread that fine-line. MS Win11 release date was Oct 5, so I’m still interested in seeing the official stamp-of-approval from Roon on Win11 Roon Core usage.

The other thread had some strongly contested views on what constitutes tacit support of a beta OS versus potentially valuable feedback from early-adopters who are trying to help the overall polish of the QA process in general. Now that Win11 is official, it would be nice to see confirmation of support from Roon.

I’m too old and lacking-in-interest to mess around too much in the technology sandpits comprising beta OS and product; not to say too jaded to dabble and then have to reinstall an earlier OS.

Life is too short; I’ll wait.

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Windows11 does have a lot of updates and patches to download and to install after running on your box. This might have caused the problems just after installing Windows11.

Exact same issue here on Windows 11 Pro (a fresh install of it even!).


I have Windows 11 running on 5 boxes at home. Only the ROON-Server ist still running Windows 10.
All boxes needed quite a time to settle themselves. I always checked for update and made on restart after another. Without this activity I am sure it would taken several hours until the installation would have been completed.

This happens even with no updates available.

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Running ROON on an ASUS Mini-Box having installed Windows 11pro. No problem at all.

Hey everyone,

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