Roon Crashes (sometimes) while HQ player is building a filter for DSD512 playback

I did a search and can find nothing on this. I have a i7-6700K based windows 10 pro PC with a geForce 1060 GPU card for cuda offloading (which I understand does nothing during the filter building stage). I slightly overclock the CPU to 4.4 GHz. Testing with Intel extreme tuning utility shows the CPU to be stable at the voltage I apply (1.35 V). The PC is a stand alone audio only PC with Roon, HQP, Tidal and audio fidelizer all loaded on the C drive with the OS and my music collection on the D drive. Connection to my dac is direct with USB with a AQ Jitterbug and uptone regen in the path. I have roon set to open on windows startup and HQP opens after audiofidelizer finishes it’s job. Roon is the current version and HQP is also current 3.14.4

When I begin a listening session I confirm my filters are as I want, usually Poly-sinc-shrt-mp, DSD5v2, and sample rate of 22579200 (dsd512), I have checked in HQP Cuda offload and pipeline SDM. When I hit play on a music track the filter begins building and about 60% of the time Roon crashes and I get a windows message saying the program has stopped working and needs to close. I close roon and HQP and then reopen both and hit play on the track again. This time the filter finishes building (about 20 seconds) and music then plays and I have no further issues during my listening session which lasts up to 6 hours. The issue only crops up on my first play and then only about 60% of the time.

Any idea’s? I know the CPU is pegged at 100% load during the filter building stage, this issue does not occur with the 2s filter sets, or the closed form filter only with the more intensive filters. It also does not occur at sample rates below DSD512.

Be well and Happy New Year

You say when you begin a session. Is this from a boot-up or is the machine always running? I would be nervous about the OC but it sounds like it is stable… I wonder about startup if that is the case or if it running all the time and there is some sort of buffer issue. Have you looked at the log files?

Usually it is after boot up, I tend to turn off my PC when not listening as I’ve noted RAM usage increasing if I leave it on. I did look at the log files (roon) but nothing obvious jumped at me, or should I say I did not note the exact time the crash happened and in reviewing them it was not obvious roon crashed. There was some verbiage about losing connection with HQP.

Hi quadman. I had a similar PC, except I used Audio Optimizer and never had a Cuda card. Never had this problem and my CPU was never near 100% load during filter building stage. I wish I had an answer for you. It is very perplexing. Have you asked Miska on CA forum to see if he might have any thoughts?

Oh, I have a thought. How are you cooling the CPU? Could it be over heating or getting too warm when building the file at first.

I think your right, I’ll post over on CA for Jussi and see what he has. Strange my CPU pegs 100% during filter building and yours didn’t.

I had 2 occurrences of this last night. I turned on PC all programs opened and were done loading, I selected a tidal album hit play, and about 30 seconds later roon crashed, or windows said a problem occurred with roon and that it needed to close. I closed programs and re-booted PC. This time I selected a album on my internal HDD same thing happened. Now I closed roon and hqp (no reboot) then re-opened and played same HDD album. Filter built in about 20 seconds and music played fine for over 5 hours with no more glitches. Weird.