Roon crashes under Win10Prox64

Same crash issue here. Been running on Win10Prox64 for months, now it crashes every time after about 10 seconds of thinking. Does @support respond to these posts? I’m new to the community. Thanks.

Sorry, should add that I’ve done several COMPLETE uninstalls/re-installs on Roon, no effect. Reinstalls have been with latest download file from Roon site. Have also uninstalled/reinstalled TIDAL. No effect.

My Roon W10 also suddenly have started to behave strange. Freeze or very slow.

Its not a result of the Latest (1709) Creators update is it?

Hi @Tim_Werner ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us . The insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing may I kindly ask you to provide the following:

  • An expanded description of your current setup using this link. Would like to have a better sense as to what your setup “looks like”.

  • When the application crashes are you presented with any error messages?

  • Based on your report, this sounds like a recent development. Have there been any changes to your setup? Not saying that this is the cause here but we have seen issues occur from automated Win10 updates in the past.


Hi @R1200CL ---- Thank you for chiming in here and sharing your observations with us.

As I have asked Tim, can you please start by providing me with an up to date description of your current setup (using the same link as a guide) and provide feedback into any changes that may have taken place since reporting this behavior to us.

Furthermore, it sounds like the behavior you are experiencing may be different then what is being reported by Tim. Please provide further insight into what exactly the issue is you’re having.


Roon version: don’t know, Roon won’t stay open long enough to check; but I’m re-installing with current install file.
OS: Windows10Prox64
PC: Surface Pro (current version) 16GB RAM, i7-7660
Music stored on Surface Pro SSD (1TB)
Approx 20K tracks

Issue: I launch Roon, get “quote” screen, after a few more seconds get generic Windows crash message re: Roon. Never fully opens.


TIDAL: USA Account; HiFi;

Output: AudioQuest Cinnamon USB to NuForceDDA-120 (works fine with TIDAL alone and all other PC sounds)

NO changes to my setup, unless it’s a recent Windows update.

Pardon me for jumping in here, but a thought - the fact that you’re getting the generic Windows crash message points to something seriously wrong.

Have you checked your C: drive for errors? Tip: don’t believe Windows when you open the Tools screen to fix errors, and it says it’s OK - force a scan for errors. Often that shows up that in fact there are problems that need to be fixed.

Hi @Tim_Werner — Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to provide the requested feedback.

I wanted to touch base with you to see how things were going and if any progress/new observations have been made since your most recent post. Did you by chance give the proposed test in Geoff’s post a go?

Looking forward to your update!

Missed Geoff’s comment during Thanksgiving. Just finished disk check, everything reporting as OK.


It seems that the latest W10 updates solved my issues. Anyway my SonicTransporter i5 has died, so now other problems.
Glad I still have my Qnap TS-453-Pro.