Roon crashes when importing files on Windows 10

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 64 Bit (Lenovo G400s, Intel Core i7 3262QM, 16GB RAM all drivers and OS updated).
4 TB external HDD with my music files on it,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

About 12000 files.

Description of Issue

Roon was working in proper order in an older computer (Sony Vaio VCPEL10 AMD Vision 2, Windoiws 10 64 Bit 8 GB RAM).

However, when I deauthorized it and gave authorization to the Lenovo, when importing songs from the HDD, the software shuts down. If I open it again, just shuts off immediately. I have made a clean reinstall but issue keeps going on

I find it weird because it was performing flawlessly in a much older and less powerful machine.

Here you can look at the logs, hopefully can help you tell me what I am doing wrong


Are you importing your library from scratch or restoring a BU

If from scratch 120 k tracks will jam up your core until analysis is complete, you can go to settings library and reduce the number of cores used by analysis but that will slow things down. Maybe reduce cores during the day and increase to Max overnight ?

Hello @Octavio_Castillo1,

I’m sorry that we’ve missed on your post for this long…:pleading_face:

Is this still happening? Do you have an update for us?

Thanks @Mike_O_Neill for your insight :pray:

Thank you Mike! I tried your solution with no results. But ultimately I found out what was happening. The folder with the album “Everybody is doing it, so why can’t we” from The Cranberries, (WAV files ripped from my own CD) was causing the crash to happen.

Odd since the folder was already loaded in the old PC and when Roon scanned the database never flagged it. I made a scan of the files, and they are not damaged/corrupt, but when I removed that folder from the HDD, Roon started working like a charm again.

Thank you for your insight!