Roon crashes when opening some playlists

When I open the some of my playlists the iPad App crashes too…In short…On an iPad Pro the Roone Remote 1.8 is dysfunctional…And no chance to go back to 1.7…

Hi @Oliver_Stephan,

How many playlists does this occur on? Are they from streaming services or local?

In total I have 14 playlists…local & streaming.
I can only access one, which is a pure streaming playlist.
And when I scroll through this playlist the App crashes again.

For the next major release you should redefine your beta testing strategy.
You consider yourself as a premium product with premium prices…but what you have delivered here is far away from this.

I have more than a dozen playlists imported from iTunes or made in Roon and all are working just fine. Combination of local and Tidal files.


Same issue here. Have not tried all playlists. In addition: I can only restart the iPad app by removing and reinstalling it. When I just restart or after a force kill it immediately crashes again.

I had this problem not being able to open some playlists. But it works for me now after I changed the iPad language setting to English as suggested in this thread: Settings not displaying properly or crashing on 1.8 [Ticket in - Workaround in thread] - #98 by Cornelis_Zijlstra as a temporary workaround until a bugfix arrives.

Hi @Oliver_Stephan

We’ve released a couple of releases since the initial 1.8 launch to address some issues — Are you still seeing this issue occur?

Hi Dylan,

the issue was fixed with release 756.


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