Roon crashes when Remote app is launched

Running Roon 1.4 (build 294). Here is what happens:

I start playing some music using the desktop app (Win7) and then go into another room and start up the Remote app on my phone (Android) and the instant that I do that, the music stops and I get the “Trying to connect” message on both my phone and the PC. No bueno. This is repeatable. Going back to LMS and Squeezeboxes until this is fixed.


The situation you are having is not normal. I am currently running Roon on two PCs and have connected 3 Android phones (at the same time) and have never gotten your message. So something strange is going on. To be able to offer suggestions, more information about your setup is needed.

Can you tell us more about your Roon Core, what are the machine specs? Are you running Roon or Roon Server? Can you describe the networking setup, how is the PC connected, how is the phone connected (and I know its wifi, but what band, is it on the same subnet as the PC, etc)? Is your music source local to the Roon server, on a NAS (if so how is that connected to the network)

I’ve been using Roon for about a year now and haven’t had this issue until last night.

Usually the Android app does take a little while to connect, but it’s never interrupted the music and hung the program on the PC before.

Running Roon Server on HP Proliabnt N54L. Music Library also resides on this server.

Operating System: Windows Home Server 2011 64-bit SP1
CPU: Turion II Neo N54L Champlain 45nm Technology
RAM: 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 399MHz (6-6-6-15)
Wired 1GB ethernet connection

PC: is WIn7 also wired 1GB ethernet connection. Same subnet.

Router: Asus RT-AC87U
Galaxy S7 connected to 2.4 GHz network

Hey @GMahal – I just enabled some diagnostics on your machine, so we can have a look at what’s going on here.

Can you reproduce this issue on more time, noting the time this happens at:

Then, just reboot the machine your Core is running and let us know the time you noted above. @support will be able to help then.

Thanks for your patience here!

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