Roon crashes whenever I connect my hard drive

Roon Core Machine

Samsung Ativ Book 9 / Windows 10 Version 21H2 / Roon version 1.8 (build 831) stable (64bit) / Iomega 2TB External hard drive

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Sky hub broadband router / Connecting through Google Nest router / WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

Nothing connected at the moment, just trying to get core working.

Number of Tracks in Library

1,741 all from Tidal library. It’s when I try to add from my hard drive that the problems start.

Description of Issue

I’m trying out Roon because I have a hard drive with over 300G of music that I can never access easily. I’ve been able to set up Roon on my core machine and connect it to my Tidal subscription. But when I connect my hard drive and point it towards the music folder Roon crashes.

At first it was adding the files to the library and seemed to be working. As I knew it would take a while I stepped away from the machine to let it do it’s thing. When I went back to it around 15 minutes later Roon was no longer open.

Any time I tried to open Roon after that it would crash pretty much immediately. No error messages, just closed down. So I disconnected the external hard drive and was able to start Roon no problem. Any time I connect the hard drive now it crashes.

Here’s a link to the Roon logs: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Here’s a link to the RAAT Server logs: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

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Was able to get this working. Had a look through the logs and it looked like the last artists being uploaded was starting with “G”. So I fired up Roon with the hard drive attached and kept an eagle eye on the “Recent Activity” section of the Home screen. This shows the lates uploads to the library from the hard drive.

The last artist showing was “Ganglians” before it shut down. So I removed the Ganglians folder and it worked like a dream after that. Went through the rest of my hard drive with no issues. Set up an endpoint on my phone with no issues and able to play from the library.

Checked the Ganglians folder and it did have some non music files on it. But I removed those and added it back and it still crashed. Even though the only files in there now are mp3, flac and jpg for album image. Great to have it working but really annoying that Roon crashes like that instead of skipping over troublesome files and then reporting it.

You might like to zip up that folder and Dropbox with a link so @support can grab a look at the files and ssee if they can fix/find what’s crashing it.

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