Roon crashing after about 2 min; Windows 10

Hi there. In the last cople weeks I’ve upgraded to 1.3, and also installed a new drive and done some moving around of files. Not sure which is the culprit. Roon (1.2 latest) seemed to work fine.

As of now, Roon starts, begins cataloging, (sometimes showing the message that the new version needs to re-catalog) and Roon crashes (ie it just disappears) within about a minute.

Any help appreciated.

My version info and logs can be found here:

looks like your db is corrupt… @support knows what to do, but do you have backups?

hi. I’m relatively new to Roon so I’ll just rebuild the database - I’m honestly not sure what it does anyway.

There’s no link in here “here” link above… Please provide instructions to clear the library.

Meanwhile I’m going to run SMART checks on both relevant drives.


Hey Chris,

Please, check your PM. I’ve just sent you a step-by-step instruction.