Roon crashing after Mac OS Update

One of our clients is having an issue with his Roon crashing on his Mac Mini after he updated Mac OS.

@support i have an error report from after his most recent crash. Will paste it here at your request.

Hi @Cloud_9_Integrated_S ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this feedback with us. The insight is appreciated and my apologies for the delay.

I would like to enable diagnostics on the mentioned client’s account so our techs can have a closer look into this behavior. In order to do this I will need your client’s email address that is being used on their Roon account. If you can PM me this information I will gladly enable this feature.

Furthermore, I would like to propose that you also manually send us a set of Roon logs from your client’s core machine. The reason being is that when we enable diagnostics on a user’s account the Roon core must be active in order for the request to be fulfilled and I fear that if they are crashing the system will not be running, thus, the report may not make it to us. I want to ensure that your client gets the help they need so along with sending me their e-mail address would you kindly please also provide a set of Roon logs from their core machine using the instructions found here

Additionally, may I kindly ask you to provide me with the following:

  1. A brief but accurate description of the user’s setup based on the instructions found here.

  2. When you notice this issue is Roon generating any error message or warnings?