Roon crashing after updating [Resolved - Reinstalled drivers]

Hi Dylan,

A good friend of mine is experiencing what sounds like the same problem. He’s running on Windows too. (I run on MacOS and haven’t experienced any issue.). We both have lifetime licenses. If the solution is simple, would you please let me know how we can fix his install? If you require a dump from his machine that would be difficult as he isn’t too familiar with these things, and I can’t get over to help him. Please let me know what we can do here.

Hi @TomWaters — This type of behavior can stem from a variety of different places. Taking a look at logs would definitely help, if possible. We have some instructions here.

Trying to reboot and uninstall / reinstall would also be some quick tests they could run, but if that is still an issue after ultimately we’d want to take a look. I’m going to send you a PM as well.

Hi Dylan,

Keith and some friends managed to fix the problem, and Roon is running again. I’ve asked him to notify you of what was done so you know and can close the call. Keith said they re-installed a Windows drivers (likely the ASIO driver), but I don’t know which one/s.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards
Tom Waters


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