Roon crashing Mac M1 big time after adding Network folder

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Air 2020
MacOS 12.1 Monterey

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My home NAS/File server is a MacMini 2014 connected to 4/4Tb external USB drives (HDD enclosure x4) over USB 3.1, this is where my network folder lives.
It is connected over Ethernet to my TP-Link Archer AX10 router wi-fi 6, AX1500.
My Macbook Air (RoonCore) is connected also over Ethernet to the same router

Connected Audio Devices

Chromecast audio connected via ethernet adapter to the same router

Number of Tracks in Library

1Tb Mp3, 1Tb Flac

Description of Issue

I’ve encountered a major issue, Roon has started crashing my MacBook M1, the whole system. This has started after adding a network attached folder, after finishing the analysis of the new library folder. This must be a major bug since I don’t remember an app that has crashed my system like that in years, freeze to the point of needing several hard reboots, ultill I managed to stop Roon from running at startup. After I’ve done this the system returned to normal, so it is obvious it was Roon the one to blame. I’ve uninstalled Roon (deleted also RAAT and Roon folder from Mac’s library folder and restarted the machine) since then my Mac has worked normal, no crashes.

A couple of days later I’ve reinstalled Roon core, I’ve added my network attached folder and started analysing the library, 3-4 minutes later into the analysis/adding process it has crashed my MacBook again. So again I did a hard reboot and have not yet opened Roon since. This is only happening due to the network attached folder, prior to this Roon and my Mac worked normal, so the bug points in that direction.

Hi, @Marco_de_la_Pena, sorry to hear about your troubles. Could you, please, confirm if I am getting it right: your OS is crashing and not Roon app?

In case macOS is crashing. Could you, please, tell whether system provides and OS level crash reports about this crash?

In case it’s Roon app which is crashing, I wanted to ask you to do the following:

  1. With network storage location turned off (to prevent Roon from crashing), go to Settings → Library and turn of Audio Analysis
  2. Turn on network storage location
  3. See if that helps to prevent Roon from crashing
  4. If that does not help, please, collect logs from your Roon Core following this article and share this archive with us.



Roon freezes and next the OS crashes until hard reboot, hard to tell which one crashes first.
I’ve opened console but I don’t see any reports on the crashes that I’m getting, there are a couple of entries but they are from previous dates and unrelated.

Here the logs for Roon:

Hello I have an update, I’ve done all of what you said in the steps, specifically turning off audio analysis before library scan and the problem persists, it keeps crashing macOS

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I wouldn’t think the files are causing trouble, in the past I’ve tried to add my library 3 different times with no success given the crashes during network scan, it crashed randomly, after 13 mins, 3 mins of half an hour, so no pattern. It will show a random file as the last one scaned each time.

Are there any new updates? Thanks

Hi @Marco_de_la_Pena ,

Have you by any chance run a disk check on your system? If the crashing is happening with different files and there is no pattern, there is a possibility of hardware issues.

Hello noris,

I’ve run a disk check and my disks are perfectly healthy. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe the problem will be fixed until Roon implements the automatic detection of network drives through Mac’s Finder as many other softwares do by supporting AFP file system instead of just SMB, in doing so all these bugs inherent from SMB would resolve for many people with Mac server/Mac client computer systems.

Hi @Marco_de_la_Pena ,

I wanted to check in with you here, are you still seeing the issue on the latest Roon release? If you are, can you provide the exact local time + date of any crashes you experience? Perhaps we can track down the issue that way, thanks!

Hello, I have not tested the issues in the new version , I’m honestly fed up of trying endless different configurations and none of them works. AS I’ve said I think the problem will be fixed until Roon implements the automatic detection of network drives maybe by supporting AFP file system or its new version I don’t know what that is called, instead of just SMB which requests manual adding process of network folders

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