Roon crashing on late 2015 iMac running OS 10.13.2


Roon will build my library, then crash after 48 hours or so (spinning beach balls if you’re familiar with Mac). I have to rename my library then restart Roon to rebuild it. The RAATServer problem report generated by my Mac is lengthy. I’ve shown part of it at the bottom of this post.

When re-setting my core, Roon starts off by looking at the music stored on the Mac, but I suppress it’s pointing to the Mac and instead have it pull the music off my NAS. The Mac and NAS have the same files, but one of my goals is to pull the Mac out of the playback chain.

Before the crash, everything works fine, both on music played from the NAS and on Tidal. The files (about 36,000 total) on the NAS are a mixture of mp3, AAC, FLAC, & ALAC. The majority of them are AAC 320 mps and ALAC 44.1/16.

My Tidal account is based in the US (hifi).

At the moment I’m only running Roon from my Mac. I’ve tried closing out of Roon, and the crash will start the next day; I also have the crashing problem if I leave Roon on all the time.

Thanks in advance for your help and let me know if you need any additional information.

(P.S. Due to my work schedule I may not be able to reply immediately so please leave the ticket open if I don’t have the opportunity to implement any suggested fixes.)

Date/Time:       2018-01-10 21:33:04 -0500
OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.13.2 (Build 17C88)
Architecture:    x86_64h
Report Version:  26

Data Source:     Stackshots

Command:         RAATServer
Path:            /Applications/
Version:         ??? (???)
Parent:          launchd [1]
PID:             78459

Event:           hang
Duration:        6.40s
Steps:           64 (100ms sampling interval)

Hardware model:  iMac16,2
Active cpus:     4

Time Awake Since Boot: 910000s
Time Since Wake: 130000s

Fan speed:       1196 rpm

Timeline format: stacks are sorted chronologically
Use -i and -heavy to re-report with count sorting

Heaviest stack for the main thread of the target process:
  64  start + 52 (RAATServer + 11044) [0x102174b24]
  64  main + 1690 (RAATServer + 12746) [0x1021751ca]
  64  mono_main + 8167 (RAATServer + 537479) [0x1021f5387]
  64  mono_jit_exec + 302 (RAATServer + 528254) [0x1021f2f7e]
  64  do_exec_main_checked + 140 (RAATServer + 2190780) [0x102388dbc]
  64  do_runtime_invoke + 88 (RAATServer + 2177352) [0x102385948]
  64  mono_jit_runtime_invoke + 2245 (RAATServer + 74037) [0x102184135]
  64  ??? [0x102e8efb1]
  64  ??? (<31EF0CCC-7F12-30F8-9D62-F41A1F583E8B> + 15081026) [0x10f3f0e42]
  64  ??? [0x1085a21a7]
  64  mono_string_to_utf8str + 23 (RAATServer + 1608119) [0x1022fa9b7]
  64  mono_string_to_utf8_checked + 82 (RAATServer + 2204066) [0x10238c1a2]
  64  monoeg_g_utf16_to_utf8 + 494 (RAATServer + 2789166) [0x10241af2e]
  64  monoeg_malloc + 24 (RAATServer + 2792856) [0x10241bd98]
  64  malloc + 24 (libsystem_malloc.dylib + 5387) [0x7fff5a33650b]
  64  malloc_zone_malloc + 103 (libsystem_malloc.dylib + 8705) [0x7fff5a337201]
  64  szone_malloc_should_clear + 213 (libsystem_malloc.dylib + 9010) [0x7fff5a337332]
  64  __ulock_wait + 10 (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 115762) [0x7fff5a2df432]
 *64  hndl_unix_scall64 + 22 (kernel + 2107654) [0xffffff8000402906]
 *64  unix_syscall64 + 600 (kernel + 8369128) [0xffffff80009fb3e8]
 *64  ulock_wait + 988 (kernel + 7647788) [0xffffff800094b22c]
 *64  thread_handoff + 373 (kernel + 2586549) [0xffffff80004777b5]
 *64  thread_block_reason + 175 (kernel + 2535007) [0xffffff800046ae5f]
 *64  ??? (kernel + 2538999) [0xffffff800046bdf7]
 *64  machine_switch_context + 205 (kernel + 3582205) [0xffffff800056a8fd] (blocked by unfair lock owned by RAATServer [78459] thread 0x749926)

Process:         RAATServer [78459]
Path:            /Applications/
Architecture:    x86_64
Parent:          launchd [1]
UID:             501
Task size:       1416.62 MB
CPU Time:        4.402s

  Thread 0x6a875a           DispatchQueue 1           Thread name "tid_307"     64 samples (1-64)         priority 46 (base 46)
  <thread QoS user interactive (requested user interactive), process unclamped, process received importance donation from launchservicesd [89], process received importance donation from WindowServer [150], IO tier 0>
  64  start + 52 (RAATServer + 11044) [0x102174b24] 1-64
    64  main + 1690 (RAATServer + 12746) [0x1021751ca] 1-64
      64  mono_main + 8167 (RAATServer + 537479) [0x1021f5387] 1-64
        64  mono_jit_exec + 302 (RAATServer + 528254) [0x1021f2f7e] 1-64
          64  do_exec_main_checked + 140 (RAATServer + 2190780) [0x102388dbc] 1-64
            64  do_runtime_invoke + 88 (RAATServer + 2177352) [0x102385948] 1-64
              64  mono_jit_runtime_invoke + 2245 (RAATServer + 74037) [0x102184135] 1-64
                64  ??? [0x102e8efb1] 1-64
                  64  ??? (<31EF0CCC-7F12-30F8-9D62-F41A1F583E8B> + 15081026) [0x10f3f0e42] 1-64
                    64  ??? [0x1085a21a7] 1-64
                      64  mono_string_to_utf8str + 23 (RAATServer + 1608119) [0x1022fa9b7] 1-64
                        64  mono_string_to_utf8_checked + 82 (RAATServer + 2204066) [0x10238c1a2] 1-64
                          64  monoeg_g_utf16_to_utf8 + 494 (RAATServer + 2789166) [0x10241af2e] 1-64
                            64  monoeg_malloc + 24 (RAATServer + 2792856) [0x10241bd98] 1-64
                              64  malloc + 24 (libsystem_malloc.dylib + 5387) [0x7fff5a33650b] 1-64
                                64  malloc_zone_malloc + 103 (libsystem_malloc.dylib + 8705) [0x7fff5a337201] 1-64
                                  64  szone_malloc_should_clear + 213 (libsystem_malloc.dylib + 9010) [0x7fff5a337332] 1-64
                                    64  __ulock_wait + 10 (libsystem_kernel.dylib + 115762) [0x7fff5a2df432] 1-64
                                     *64  hndl_unix_scall64 + 22 (kernel + 2107654) [0xffffff8000402906] 1-64
                                       *64  unix_syscall64 + 600 (kernel + 8369128) [0xffffff80009fb3e8] 1-64
                                         *64  ulock_wait + 988 (kernel + 7647788) [0xffffff800094b22c] 1-64
                                           *64  thread_handoff + 373 (kernel + 2586549) [0xffffff80004777b5] 1-64
                                             *64  thread_block_reason + 175 (kernel + 2535007) [0xffffff800046ae5f] 1-64
                                               *64  ??? (kernel + 2538999) [0xffffff800046bdf7] 1-64
                                                 *64  machine_switch_context + 205 (kernel + 3582205) [0xffffff800056a8fd] (blocked by unfair lock owned by RAATServer [78459] thread 0x749926) 1-64

@cdash99 @support will want details of your network and specific NAS details.

Did you say that you have the same music library local as well as on your NAS? If so have you let it scan the local media only and see if the crash still happens? Just seeing if it’s network/NAS related.

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Hi @cdash99 ---- Thank you for the report and sorry to hear of the troubles. The feedback is very appreciated.

Moving forward, I would like to get a set of your Roon logs over to our techs so we can have a closer look at what’s going when this crashing behavior is occurring . However, I am curious about the following comment you made in your report:

“I have to rename my library then restart Roon to rebuild it.”

Apologies for any confusion on my part as I am a touch unclear of this step you are taking. Are you starting with a fresh DB when the issue occurs? Furthermore, we are going to want to see your logs right after a crash occurs so our techs can analyze the traces at the time of the error. With this in mind, the next time a crash happens may I kindly ask you to please follow the instructions found here and send us over a set of your “Roon” and “RAATServer” logs.

Additionally, if you could also provide the information requested in Jeff’s post above (:thumbsup:) it would be greatly appreciated!



Could be the Meltdown fix that messes with the mono?

I do have the same library, but use the NAS so as to take my Mac completely out of the playback chain, except for track selection. As part of this goal, I’d previously swapped out an Audioengine D2 point to point USB wireless DAC with a Bluesound Node 2.

Eric - what I mean by this is that I change the name of my library fro “Roon” to “Roon_Old”, or something like it. This was per a suggestion on another thread addressing this issue.

I understand why you are moving to the NAS, I just thought you could let it scan local and see if the issues persist to rule out the NAS.

Anyway providing Eric with his log request will be more productive.

I can try that but it will take a while to rebuild.

Uploaded, please confirm receipt. Not a Dropbox expert!

Jeff - I did let the software scan my local drive rather than the NAS, and it’s crashed twice on me today during playback. Once when streaming from Tidal, once with local files ripped to CD quality ALAC. Thank you.

@Eric will have to confirm receipt of logs.

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Thanks for the patience here @cdash99!

Moving forward, can you please verify where the logs were sent? Based on the instructions in the link above you should be able to provide us with a "shared dropbox link which can be copy and pasted directly into your response “here”.


Hope this works, please confirm.

Hi @cdash99 ---- Thank you for the follow up, confirming that your RAATServer logs were received but I am curious about the Roon logs.

The download says the .zip file is 1.7GBs which is much larger than what I’d expect. I will continue to let this download but can you verify that you only zipped up the “logs” folder found within the “Roon” folder?


3rd attempt, file is much smaller.

Hi @cdash99 ----- Thank you for the follow up, confirming that the most recent upload has been received and passed over to our tech team for evaluation. Once they have completed their analysis I will be sure to follow up with their thoughts/findings in a timely manor. Your patience is appreciated!

Additionally, I mentioned in my previous that I would let the first package continue downloading and upon receiving it I noticed that your “RoonBackups” were located in the “logs” folder. I would recommend changing your backup location continuing forward to avoid running into any potential issues.


Hey @cdash99,

We think that Roon is crashing due to a media file. Would you mind temporary remove this file from your watched folder and see if things get better:
/Users/rlw111/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/Chicago/Chicago II/1-15 Prelude.m4a


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Thank you. So far so good. I took the extra step and deleted that entire album from both my local drive and NAS, as it never played correctly when I loaded it onto a portable.

Out of curiosity, and with the understanding that I have no technical knowledge, why would a single file like that cause such a problem?