Roon Crashing on Mojave

Roon Crashing on Mojave. Is there a update coming soon? If not are we going to be prorated?

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For the current workaround see here:

The workaround does not work for me with Mojave.
So maybe there is some difference between the beta and the released version anyway?
I am Roonless for the moment. I might have to become a monk or a colombian drug lord to survive this.

I’ve only tried it for the release version and it worked. :thinking:

Really strange. Maybe it has to do with localization then? My system is in Swedish.But that sounds a bit ridiculous.

I also doubt it’s a localization issue. There was another report that there’s a problem with certain graphics cards

It may help if you give some details about your system - then if needed support should pick up on it.

Mac Mini 2012 2.3ghz i7 with 16gb ram and an SSD drive. Still a very quick computer, but graphics is getting old so that might have something to do with it.

Seems to be working for me with the workaround

I don’t think the Mac Mini should have issues. You’re sure you’ve added the there:


(Sorry, it’s the English version)

Hup! I was lost in translation it seems. Thanks for the screenshot, that did it! Roon is now running again. Thanks a lot!

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