Roon crashing on startup or very soon afterwards

Roon Core Machine


Windows 10 Pro
WiFi connection
Music collection is on an external HD

Connected Audio Devices

USB sound card
Also connecting to a Bluesound Node via wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

Hard to say given it’s not getting through many of them, but I’d say it’s over 10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Shortly after I direct Roon to one of the two music folders on the HD it shuts down. At points it has managed to stay running for maybe 10 minutes or more, but usually it shuts down within a few seconds.

I tried a few ideas - updated graphics drivers, deleted and reinstalled Roon, only added 1 of the music folders for searching (smaller one filled with mp3s), deleted folders with files Roon identified as corrupt, and tried using Roon Server. No dice as yet. It seems likely to be an issue with creating the database.

I wonder if my setup is just too slow for what Roon is trying to do. I’ve been using JRiver for a long time with no serious issues.

Roon logs:
Roon server logs:

Use a lan connection for a core is recommended…but it’s more likely a corrupt file in this case I think.

From my limited understanding and limited examination of the logs Roon did seem to be finding quite a few corrupt files. Perhaps I could scan my music folders using another application to try and clean them up first?

My plan was to move the NUC so I can use a lan connection once Roon seemed to be working ok, but I guess I could try doing that earlier.

Brand and model? 2.5" SATA, m.2 SATA, or m.2 NVMe?

Do not use m.2 NVMe with NUC5.

It’s a Transcend m.2 SATA (MTS800).

Remove this from the system. Use a Samsung 860 or a Crucial 2.5" SATA SSD instead.

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Ha. Righto. I’ll think about upgrading the HD, though unfortunately this gets me thinking about whether I should upgrade the whole NUC. I’d been hoping I could squeeze a few more years out of it.

Seems like I won’t be able to test out Roon properly during the trial period. I’m not across how much work Roon is doing but it seems a little odd it would crash entirely rather than just be incredibly slow if the solution to the problem is another HD.

If you do not want to purchase a replacement SSD, another approach you may do is to move all the corrupted files (according to the log) to another folder that is not to be scanned.

Better yet, if you have another computer / laptop / NAS, you could try that instead.

Yup, that’s what I’m going to try first. Move the corrupted files, as far as they can be easily identified. Think Foobar2000 has something you can use for this purpose.

Hey @snso,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing what you’ve been experiencing lately… we’re sorry about the trouble and just as sorry for not being able to get back to you sooner. Please, accept our apologies.

We’re grateful that you’ve shared the details of the issue, as well as engaged with our subscribers to find a solution.

Since it’s been a while, I wonder if moving the corrupted files helped? And also, how can we help now?

Hello. No, unfortunately I’m still having problems and can’t keep it working for long. It seems possible the primary issue is still corrupted files that Roon is having trouble with since it’s difficult to be certain I’ve identified them all. It’s no longer crashing on startup, but always seems to crash eventually.

Have you done the SSD replacement I recommended 29 days ago?

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I have not. And eventually I may need to, but I’m still seeing if I can get it working with the hardware I have. Interestingly for the past week it was running fine, really solid, no crashes whatsoever. Until Roon was updated, and unfortunately it now seems I’m back to square one.

I appreciate idea that a better SSD could improve things - and this is not a surprising tip from someone working for a company putting out incredibly expensive and no doubt incredible music players - nevertheless it may surprise you to learn that many people are not able to just go out and buy whatever consumer item they want. Yes, for some $120 is not spare change.