Roon crashing quite frequently on iPad

This weekend I noticed the iPad app would just completely close at random. I’d be browsing and suddenly I’m at the iPad desktop/homescreen. It happened 2-3 time over a period of about 1 hour.
Just now I had Roon playing back music, I went over to the iPad to change tracks and noticed I was at my homescreen, Roon had shutdown.

My iPad is a 1st generation air. Roon core is latest build and Roon on iPad is whatever latest build is in app store.

The only thing that has changed since this has started happening is the installation of iOS 9.0.2. I finally installed 9.0.2 earlier this weekend but I cannot for the life of me recall if the crashes started happening before the update or after.

@robbbby I am Running iPad Air iOS 9.0.2, no crashes.


Hello robbbby

Just for a contrast frame: El Capitan, iOS 9.2, iPad Air 2, latest roon builds for roon Core, Remote Client, Remote App. No issues. Sorry for your troubles.

Hope you work this out sooner than later.


Hi Robbbby,
Sometimes a hard reset of an iPad can clear away any memory glitches that may have arisen. If the crashes continue after that, post here again and I’ll shift this to Support for further investigation.

Thanks, i’ll give that a shot.

9.0.2 could certainly be a factor. We haven’t heard other reports of 9.0.2 issues, but Apple is pretty notorious for unapologetically breaking apps with OS upgrades.

On my iPad, which is constantly bumping off of the storage limit, I get lots of crashes in several apps, including Roon when the storage is nearly full. Installing a new OS could push you nearer to the edge–something to check if you’re not sure you have lots of free space.

Also, uninstalling + reinstalling the iPad app doesn’t cause you lose data. If something in the local caches/storage of the app is causing a crash, a reinstall would likely fix the problem.