Roon Crashing when opening on Macbook Pro client

**Core Machine **
Roon Server: Mac Mini (Late 2014) / Mac OS 12.3.1/ Roon version 1.8 build 936
Roon Client: Macbook Pro (16 inch 2019) / Mac OS 12.3.1 / Roon Version 1.8 build 936

Network Details)
Xfinity Comcast wifi

**Audio Devices **
Mac Mini USB → Peachtree Audio Nova 500 integrated amp → Magnepan MG .7 speakers

My Roon client on the MacBook Pro has hung in the “loading artist” state, requiring a Force Quit. It now hangs whenever I start Roon on the client. I tried rebooingd the Roon Server and rebooting the mac client, but each time I start Roon on the mac client it hangs in that exact state immediately. I also tried a fresh install of the Roon client on the mac client but that didn’t help either. The client works fine on the Server and on an iphone accessing the same server on the network. Is there some way to clear a cache or something to get Roon to start? What do you advise?


On the MBP

Move Cache folder to desktop and relaunch Roon on the MBP.

There is also Settings folder there.

Thanks @Andrew_Webb

I can get to the Roon folder and see the Cache and Settings folders. What is the suggested next step to try to address the issue with Roon hanging? Would you recommend deleting the contents of the Cache folder? Here is what I am seeing:

Follow up – Success

Thanks @Andrew_Webb ! Moving the Cache and Settings subfolders was not enough to get Roon to start without hanging. So I moved the entire contents of Library/Roon to a temp location. And then Roon was able to start successfully.

Roon software developers, Here is the log from the first time today Roon hung if that is helpful for diagnosing these mac hanging problems.


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