Roon Crashing while scanning folder

@noris done! Thanks.

@noris @nuwriy did you receive the logs i sent?

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Hello @Ari_Margolis ,

Thank you for sending the Event Viewer Logs, I have requested the technical team to review the log.

Can you please also upload another set of your Roon logs following the crash? The Roon logs may contain other clues that the Event View logs don’t provide, as a reminder you can access Roon logs by using these instructions.

I will also send a notification on the private message thread, you can upload Roon logs to the same location you uploaded before, thanks!

@Noris thanks. I uploaded the logs to that link. FYI I disabled the “Jazz” folder so that I can use Roon without it crashing. If I re-enable the Jazz folder, it just crashes while scanning. I could try to move files around into smaller sub-folders and import them in smaller portions, but that will take a LONG time and Id rather not reorganize my whole folder structure that way.

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