Roon creating hundreds of copy's of stored albums

Roon is creating hundreds of copy’s of each album in my library. At least that’s what I see on all remotes except one for some reason

Moved to support. Have you tried rebooting the roon server?

And, have you recently changed your watched folders under settings/storage?

I have rebooted several times, I just started with roon so I only imported a few albums to learn how it works,

I haven’t really changed anything, but It could be set up incorrectly. Some of the files have the same duplicate count, for example 5 have 358 copies and a 2 have 307 copies

It would be good to see a screenshot of Settings>Storage.

Do you happen to have any backups in your watched folder paths?

If I try to delete copies, I get file not found or I don’t have permission to delete

Do you have a back up to restore from?

I don’t. What’s interesting, using my android tablet as a remote everything is normal. on other devices I’m seeing all these duplicates.

Hmm. In your screen pic what’s under media?. I suggest making a folder called test, putting your sample music there, and only set the test folder up as a watched location. Disable all other file locations.

I’m using a stream player built by Jim Salk at Salksound, He’s going to try login through Team Viewer, and figure out what’s going on. I don’t think “root” is supposed to be in the storage file path

No, it usually is not.

Clear cache

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